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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by solbuilders, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. solbuilders

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    Hi i need some advice i have place in pipa which was only for rentals and hollidays for myself but my 2 kids who are 13 and 10 and a freind who is 13 years ahve asked if i will take them on holiday this year .My question is pipa is a lovely place but is it suitable for me and the kids.Please honest replies and thanks in advance.My place is pipa beleza but would be willing to do a little travelling in necessary.
  2. Usha

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    My daughter (12 at the time) had a great time. We swam side by side with a dolphin baby and its mom, enjoyed the beach, went for walks, etc. Unfortunately we did not have time to do the kayaking at Tibau. Your kids will probably enjoy the scenery change, and if they get bored, there is always Natal nearby. Get them a inflatable boat and a body board, if they are like most kids, they will enjoy hours and hours at the beach with such toys.
  3. solbuilders

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    kids in pipa

    Thak you very much.
  4. brasil4

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    Pipa has a lot to offer and for sure there is no problem taking 10 and 13 year old kids there. They will not be bored there. Beach is really nice and during low tide you can enjoy natural swimming pools or you can visit dolphin bay. There are delicious ice cream places and good bars and restaurants for a meal. In some hotels you can feed monkeys...
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    Pipa is still very nice place... they had some problems with growing and many people moving there with no jobs and that will keep happening, so i recommend taking the same care that you would in any other city of Brazil... stay in a safe hotel, avoid dark places at night, dont carry a lot of money or documents and you will be fine. In Pipa you can have a blast if you follow this!
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    I would of thought they will have a great time. I know I would of at their age put it that way...

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