Improvements detected in New Zealand property market

Discussion in 'Australia Property' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

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    The New Zealand property market showed signs of recovery in February but it has been hit by the earthquake in Canterbury as sales dropped 4.3%, according to figures from the real estate industry. The median price of $350,000 was unchanged from February last year but was up $10,000 on January, the report from the Real [...]

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  2. pencilpusher

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    Australia is enjoying a good time in real estate. The effect will be visible in it's neighbors. Right now things are great in Australia... cheers mates
  3. Osiris

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    With the influx of visitors to New Zealand with the Rugby World Cup later this year, the property market is tipped to pick up. The eyes of the world will be on New Zealand during this time and visitors are likely to be attracted to the clean green image and easy lifestyle enjoyed in New Zealand.

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