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Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by Samanta, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Samanta

    Samanta New Member

    I want to share my experience of leisure in Turkey.
    My friends and I decided to go to Turkey. It was our first time in Turkey and we didn't want to risk, that is why we rented a flat <moderated>. Without all-you-can-eat buffet, but it turned to be very cheap variant, about €50 for three persons for 5 days. The apartment was very nice, with twp rooms. There was hair dryer so we didn't have to take ours with us. Plus there was free Wi-Fi. It just saved us, cos not every cafe had Wi-Fi. There was also clean linen, the rooms were cleaned as promised. The only minus is that we had to cook ourselves. But there was a supermarket with rather reasonable prices close to us. On the other hand, we didn't gain any extra weight without buffet. :)
    And how do you choose the accommodation for holidays? Preferred hotels or rent a house / apartment?
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  2. nmb

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    This is where the Internet can be of great assistance to those looking to either buy property or rent accommodation overseas. I strongly suggest looking at the latest feedback and recommendations for properties in Turkey and reading first-hand about the experience of others. At the end of the day, the holiday market boils down to the fact that you get what you pay for. There are more than enough cheap options out there but what quality of holiday would they give you?
  3. Samanta

    Samanta New Member

    Now we want to go to some other Turkish region (maybe Mahmutlar), but the access to the sea is a must. Could you tell me some variants?
  4. lookinginvest

    lookinginvest Member

    How will the Turkey property market react as and when the country joins the European Union - which despite recent denials is apparently on the cards. The principle of free movement should help the Turkey holiday/property market but what do you think about the long-term potential?
  5. H--T

    H--T New Member

    Now that UK is out and greece and spain struggling some one has to fill the financial gap so i would imagine they will ask turkey to full fill the requirements and be a member and this would give a huge boost for a limited period because most of the turkish would try to immigrate to europe for better life style and better jobs , better pay. Before becoming a member the turkish would be require to strengthened there visa/residency policy which will make a huge dent. e.g If i have to pay $500,000/- to buy a property in turkey to get residence than why not spain or any other country compared to turkey..
    This is my personal view and i could very well be wrong.
  6. Deniz Pehlivan

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    All European nationals already have free movement basicaly unlimited to stay with given visa on border. İn Türkey practical you can buy a property and you own your rights as same as residents, protected by Goverment laws.
  7. Deniz Pehlivan

    Deniz Pehlivan New Member

    My opinion in Thé long term three is no chance to join European union. But this doesn't make a pain. Thèse area Europeans in Turkey in living as residents.
  8. nmb

    nmb Well-Known Member

    Turkey is seen by many as the country where East meets West and as such it will remain an integral part of the worldwide property market. Current political upheaval does not do the country any favours but surely this will not last forever. If the country wants to become part of the European Union then it will eventually need to toe the line.
  9. Deniz Pehlivan

    Deniz Pehlivan New Member

    That's right but no willingness to do so.
  10. Ahmmed Alomar

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