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Important - Warsan Clients

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by sasherwani2, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    After Burj 5 transfers, Emaar is now considering transfers on Warsan. However, the transfers depend on the response received from the Warsan clients. All Warsan clients need to call EMAAR (or write an email to their customer care department) asking them to
    1) Refund 70% of the original investment as per the "original" law 13
    2) Downgrade your Warsan investment to a more "promising" investment (if you do consider any of the new Emaar projects promising at all)
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  2. Mujteba

    Mujteba New Member


    Please can u send me ur cell number, i just want to discuss the above with u. Are u saying we can get back 70% of the original 5% downpayment we have invested?

  3. sasherwani2

    sasherwani2 New Member

    yes u can according to the law but emaar considers itself above the law .... So the chances are slim but there's no harm in trying I suppose. And email me on sasherwani @ gmail so I can give u my cell number
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