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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by silvercoast uk, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. silvercoast uk

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    to calculate car import tax in portugal type imposto automovel and up will appear the site Cálculo do Imposto Automóvel which gives you an online calculator for the tax.

  2. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    but you dont have to import your car.
    the tax office has an 'estrangeiro' tax, which they dont tell you about - and under european law the portuguese govt. is acting illegally insisting that foreigners pay so much to import. the european standard fee is something like 49 euros!
  3. silvercoast uk

    silvercoast uk New Member

    car import

    elaborate, no duty, how is this possible, I know its illegal but tell that to the customs officers.
  4. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    portuguese law states that foreign cars can be here up to 6 months per year. european law states that any european registered car can be in any european country as long as you wish - is crazy that the laws dont match!

    a uk car can be taxed in portugal (as estrangeiro tax, if the tax office argues, tell them you are in portugal 5 months a year, and in spain, france etc the rest, so you WANT to tax it here), and can be tested for safety in portugal (IPO), and abbeygate will insure a uk car in portugal with portuguese IPO and tax.
  5. RichardMYP

    RichardMYP New Member

    A problem

    So what if you have a U.K.reg car here and live here permanently how can you argue your rightful case
  6. johnmichael

    johnmichael New Member

    can I or can't I

    has anyone tested this idea of taxing and testing a uk registered car in portugal. this would solve a big problem for me.
  7. omostra06

    omostra06 New Member

    not sure it would work, dont know anyone that has done this,and got away with it.
    but know plenty that have been fined for having a uk car here too long.
  8. SylviKallistrate

    SylviKallistrate New Member

    Hi All

    In the Property section of this site is another Forum i have just found there is a post about car tax. Anybody have any comments as this subject is one i have not seen before.
  9. Barlavento

    Barlavento New Member

    I have a freind that stuck it out on the tax side and threatened to take it to Brussels and got the tax done for 89 euros all in.
  10. Right : I have done it, so I know.

    If you own a car in you home country, say the UK, for at least six month before you register as a resident in Portugal (i.e. the day you entered the country to become a resident, which gives you some leeway) then you can start the Portuguese registration process, which takes most of a good year and will cost you around €400 ! Before leaving your country make sure you have the legal technical description of your car issued by the manufacturer, the document on which your taxation is based. You will keep your original registration for most of this time. This makes you liable to :

    1/ have your window smashed at the beach's car park, as, as a foreigner, you are deemed to be dumb enough to have left valuable in it.
    2/ Not pay fines as the process is so complex and tedious that the chance of you receiving a parking ticket is 1 in a billion.

    Anyway, be patient !

    What I did was to buy an old left hand drive Merc in Stuttgart 6 months before leaving to Portugal, I got in Portugal with a UK registration and then had it legalised. Old diesel Mercs are the dogs jewels here as fuel is seriously expensive and diesel save a good deal, plus the fact that almost all Taxis are old Mercs resulting in a large number of garages competing for their maintenance €. Think €25 an hour !!!! Parts are not that expensive and you will be thankful to be in a massive Panzer the day a local will smasshe in the rear of your car co's he's writing an SMS. For a good estate diesel estate from the 80s, contact me. My Mate in Modena, in Italy, will find a nice one for you. BTW, Portugal has the most dangerous roads in the civilised world.... check the stats, you will be amazed ! So a good fully comp insurance, alongside extra vigilance are essential.

    Other completely valid option, keep your foreign registration, make sure you do not get caught in it with a local resident status... do not worry too much, hundred of thousands of expats are in this situation. Worse comes worse, you pay the fine...

    If you choose to import the car, think €3 duty per cubic centimetre of cylinder plus various stamps duties. An old 1600 Golf would be in the region of €5000 :-( and recent one almost double that ! And the process is not even much faster...

    Good, luck and drive VERY carefully.... you are not prepared for the GRAND PRIX of Portugal in which 10 million drivers take part everyday...
  11. Paul Manning

    Paul Manning New Member

    Good information but I think you will find that the law changed to 12 months ownership in 2007. I know because we had a 6 month ownership on a mondeo and when we came to matricluate the car, they had changed the ownership time to 12 months so we had to pay the import tax.
  12. Feral

    Feral New Member

    Any Updates on Car Import Tax

    Hi noticed this thread is now a little old anyone have any updates

    Does anyone know how to correctly calculate the import tax I have to pay to get my car that I brought from UK changed to Portuguese plates, this is on the assumption that I will have Portuguese Residency which i am about to apply for.


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