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Hi , can someone explaine the difference with price, you can get a quiet nice property for 30k,and in the same region for similar looking style you can get it for 150k,how is possible so huge difference in the same region?
Can someone from the proffesionals here explaine the reason.

Come on, you should have a good look at the quality of the property: construction methods vary even in the same area, as soviet era apartments are called Plattenbau and you can buy them of the shelf for a few euros, but the trouble awaiting you at the asset management? oh my god, just be aware, no free lunches around..... whatever looks dirt is dirt.


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I'm not a investore or developper, just i would like to buy something decent to live in and call it home.
And on immoscout24 they are a lot of decent (in the range of 30k) property to live in
Many thanks Rambo for your reply.
Also any advice for that range price property??

Many thanks.
The location of the property could lead to a huge variation in these areas.
A house close to Leipzig or Dresden for example or on the main road/rail links would cost more than the equivalent property in the Erzegebirg area. It is a beautiful area and more and more people are being drawn to the area.

Plattenbau is normally only found in apartments. As a general rule of thumb treat everything built between 1946 and 1989 with caution.
Be aware many of these building may have asbestos.
You should have a survey done.
There may be sanitation problems with the cheaper properties.
Having said all this there are habitable properties in these states for less than 50k. Mecklenburg-pomerania is generally cheaper still.
The younger population is still leaving the area for the more affluent west and work.
This is the main reason for the cheap prices.
Visit the area first to be absolutely sure you wish to live there. Just because property is cheap is not a good enough reason to move to any area.

I will be living in the Dresden area on retirement and my business partner (English) will also be living near the city. He previously lived in Northern France.

You can expect to need approx 10% in various charges. Finding finance is not easy but possible.
I hope some of this helps.


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thanks for reply teepeeseller,

on immoscout you have a lot of decent property even in rural Bayern, or Hessen,or Thuringen,i saw a big 10 rooms property(Bayern) on immoscout for 35k which really look great , some job need to be done ,but it's not big deal and slowly the house will become a jjewel.
I have a studio in toulouse and want to sell it, for the same price i can get a big house in let's say in rural Bayern, .
I'm not doing business in property estate, just i 'm very surprise as the rural bayern offer a lot of it for a decent price.

so many thanks teepeeseller.
Only happy to help sir/madam. A couple more things you will need to consider.

Try to avoid denkmal properties or at least find out what it is about the house that has made the monument protection people place the property on their list. I once purchased a beautiful old manor house because no-one wanted it as it was denkmal - I purchased this house and the land for 3,000 euros!
When I asked what was protected it was only the ceilings inside the house - I could do what I wanted with the rest of the house and the outside - it was a wonderful buy.
Be aware - German builders are artisans - very proud of their trades and they do not come cheap - restoration costs can be expensive.

If you wish to purchase a property in Germany and still be close to France then take a look at the area to the west of the Moselle valley. The closer you get to the French border the cheaper the property becomes and there are farm houses there for less than 50 thousand.

Before you decide to buy, spend some time on holiday/fact finding in the area of your choice. I have lived in Germany for seven years and will retire there and I have researched Germany completely (or my advisors have).
The best value for money for a house/business to live in is without a doubt in Sachsen. It truly is an interesting and beautiful area. Central to almost anywhere you wish to visit in Europe and with several international airports in the area. Prague is about two hours away by train!
Dresden is a wonderful city with grand design and Bohemian areas side by side, a magical place to live. Meissen is like a Walt Disney town, also Bautzen and Gorlitz.
Leipzig is cheap, lively and a fun city. Halle/Chemnitz has some lovely areas also.
There are too many positive aspects to life in the area for me to list here and you would accuse me of working for the Sachsen tourist agency. You must go to see for yourself. I had once planned to retire to SW France (Vendee) but since going to Dresden I have never returned to France!

I hope you have fun finding your perfect spot but do not let your heart rule your head - check the property thoroughly and do not be too worried about saying no - as you have seen there are hundreds of properties to choose from no matter where you go.
Good luck mon ami.
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