I'm Ready to Invest! What's Next?



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I've recently been on a property course, and I feel I have a good grasp on how to source, and evaluate properties for investment.

I have about £60k that I am looking to invest over the next few months.

The course, however did not go into great detail about the next steps, and I'm not sure how/where/what to start with to get the ball rolling?

I know I need:

1. to set up a new ltd company (this is how I would like to invest)
2. speak to a mortgage broker, and ensure that I can get finance (should I do this before or after the ltd company setup?)
3. select a property accountant (should I do this early on?)
4. find a good property solicitor

Is this all I need to purchase my first investment property?
And should I have all these things sorted before looking for, or making an offer on my first property?

Many thanks for any advice.



All of the tasks you mentioned are part of the long-term jigsaw of property investment. The issues are to all intents and purposes administrative related and if set-up correctly you will not need to spend any more valuable time and effort in this area - leaving you free to find attractive property investments. I strongly recommend doing more research on the mortgage market because personal and company mortgages are very different.