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IFAs required for bmv Overseas referrals

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by jdmat1, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. jdmat1

    jdmat1 New Member

    We are looking to expand our network of IFAs who are able to pass on clients who wish to invest in overseas property. We will pay decent commissions to you to give you an extra income stream.
    Our company specialise in below market value investments in emerging markets or localised hotspots within more established countries. Our due diligence is second to none and everything is geared with the investor in mind.
    Discounts can be as much as 50% bmv.
    More more details - please contact me on [email protected] or visit Specialists in the sale of discounted off-plan worldwide properties for investment purposes » IQ Property Investments Limited » Welcome
  2. Kim

    Kim New Member

    IFA AND Discounted deals

    I am putting together a discounted deal in Italy.
    I am doing the legal work to set up an offer for people invest over 5 years in a single villa plots with a build contract on a forward investment contract basis.
    My Solicitors are The International Property Lawyers part of The Max Gold Partnership, they are thorough and reputable.
    The plots are in Abruzzo Italy, which is just starting its run to catch up with its neighbour, Umbria. Currently Abruzzo is 50% behind Umbria and 80% behind Tuscany. Barclays have recorded a sudden upturn in Brits buying there and starting to push prices up.
    Ryanair fly to Pescarawhich is 30 minutes from the site and there are 17 other european destinations flying into Pescara. The A14 motorway and railway station, connecting to Bologna and the rest of europe is ten minutes away.
    You buy and sit on it while Abruzzo closes the price difference with Umbria. Then in 5 years I build a villas on the plots and sell at best or to the owner at cost. So they benefit from some development profit and 5 years property growth in a superb growth area for a fraction of the value of the Villa.
    Capital gains does not apply to property held for 5 years or more.
    If you might be interested to look more closely at this to market this please let me know.
    regards Kim
  3. Usa

    Do you offer a service to people purchasing property in the States?

    Financial Freedom Gurus
  4. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Hi FFG, if they are in the states buying plots in Italy, then yes I do. but if they are buying plots in USA then no I do not. regards Kim

    QUOTE=FinancialFreedomGurus;18584]Do you offer a service to people purchasing property in the States?

    Financial Freedom Gurus[/QUOTE]
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