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IC Apartments for Rental ..

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by lovingd, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. lovingd

    lovingd New Member

    Hi all, just got my apartment (Finally) in France cluster 2 days ago.. I am looking forward to renting it..

    If anyone is interested

    1 bedroom apartment (732 sq ft) in France P Cluster, Just delivered

    4th floor, Front view (see attachment)

    Rental @ 50k (1 chq.) + 5% commission fees (~3000 AED)..

    [email protected] 52k (2 chq.) + 5% commission fees (~3000 AED)..

    [email protected] 54k (3 chq.) + 5% commission fees (~3000 AED)..

    If you are interested send me a private message !!!

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  2. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    You've received the keys to your apartment? seriously? the handover of france has begun????
  3. lovingd

    lovingd New Member

    I received my apartment last week ..

    I bought my apartment from Global Homes in Dubai

    I think you should wait and call them back by phone, there has been a significant delay in the construction of France Cluster.. I think I am of the first ones to receive the apartment in the cluster
  4. ffhhkk

    ffhhkk New Member

    hey lovingd

    can you tell us which building number your apartment is in? (p5, p7, q3, etc.?)
  5. lovingd

    lovingd New Member

    It is in P3
  6. Ameer

    Ameer New Member

    Studio to rent in International city, France cluster

    International City studio for Rent In France cluster

    France Cluster Building # P-18, 2th Floor without balcony, very accessible with windows having a view NOT obstructed.

    Rent: depends on tenure and negotiable (how long?)
    Deposit: AED 2000.
    No Commission.

    Looking preferebly for a long term tenant

    E-mail me at: [email protected]
    or send me a private message.
  7. wesrae

    wesrae New Member

    Why Pay Commission

    Pardon me for asking but why are you charging 5% commission on an apartment if you own it?

    It is the real estate agents charge 5% in Dubai for finding the property; hence not applicable if you own it!
  8. hashdan

    hashdan New Member

    do you want to rent/sell your apartement?

    Call +971 55 83 515 66
  9. priya0309

    priya0309 New Member

    HI lovingd
    Is the 1BR still available for rent? If yes pls call 0507705603.
  10. pista2001au

    pista2001au New Member

    Hi CJGeorge, do not worry!!!
    I just happened to find out last week, if you go to the morroccan cluster blog you'll see what an agent is saying how nakheel's been stopped by the land department to hand properties over to their rightful ownwers. Nakheel mightbe sitting on your thransfer fees, like on mine it does, but I do not think they give a fat rat's...I wonder if the poor agent guy is still alive because he hasn't got back to me yet!
    What's worse that their sales reps over in the UK do not give a damn either and one of them told over the phone (off the record) that since they have signed my rental agreement with the tenant now everything is my problem and I should have gone over to dubai to do things prior to renting my place. Little he realise if I did go over to dubai then I would not have let him to do anything with my property.
    I thought I can trust him a little, because he got the keys for me, even though it was 12months after I was supposed. He also appeared to be initially genuine but later he did not tell me why I could not get the keys on time.
    I have never been to dubai but it must be a second - Tower of Babel - in biblical proportion. I beleive it must be a hell of a place. I was looking forward to go there but I am now utterly disgusted by reading some of the things I have read aready built up a hatered image about it.
    Here just help yourselves:
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2008

    CJGEORGE New Member

    As the tenant in the Al Rashidiya flat in Ajman (B2 303), subletted the property and I have sent a notice to vacate the property on that count 2 weeks ago. According to the tenancy agreement, the contract expires on 18th August 08. Today i rang the tenant, but he is telling that he would not vacate the property. I warned him that I will take legal action.

    Please let me know how to tackle this issue?

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