I want to buy in Turkey.



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hello, I'm EU citizen and am interested in buying a cheap brand new property (the cheapest possible) unless I can get a loan.

If anyone can advise me about loan eligibility and cheapest locations I'd be glad.

Thank you


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Take a look for Didim/Altinkum - there your will find the cheapest offers - Apartments starting from roundabout 23.000 euro in good quality - small new build houses starting actually from nearby 45.000 euro off-plan and ready to move in from roundabout 50.000 euro.

Region Antalya: apartments starting from 30.000 euro - houses old 40.000 euro - new build 80.000 euro

Region Bodrum: apartments starting from 35.000 euro - houses old 50.000 euro - new build houses from 85.000 euro

As you can see, cheap properties you can find a lot in turkey and in very region you like.

Loans for EU-Citizens are not a problem.
A lot of banks will be happy to help you.

Sunny Days

Sunny Days

I must have too much time on my hands, lol....weather very bad in Didim today (gales and hiding indoors...so not doing too much work as such....yes we do get some non-Sunny Days in Altinkum!)...have just skipped through this thread - makes really good historical reading....READER TREAT with CAUTION !....
- interest rates of 18% - a definite thing of the past! Best rates these days are 7.5% - 8%...still a LOT better than most of our neighbours see, so nobody grumbling :)
- exchange rates - 2.8 TL to the £... well we havent seen rates like those for years until last month (February 2011) and the TL has slipped against the major currencies so the beginning of 2011 is proving a really good time for many foreigners to buy from Turks but flipside....it isnt a good time for Europeans to sell to Turks unless the vendor will accept TL
- building has stopped....?....no definitely still bouyant in these parts. The Turkish economy is stronger than our neighbours (positive GDP for sometime now) and the banks are lending. The Turkish buyers are the biggest buying sector in Didim and properties priced to sell are selling fast.
- mortgages - became available to most, were easy to take and in the last few months eligibility has become tighter and tighter.
- who is buying in 2010 / 2011?
Buyers tend to be (in buying order) 1) Turkish citizens from Turkey 2) Turkish citizens from abroad 3) Foreign citizens.

In Didim, the majority of foreign buyers have, in the past, come from the UK although 2010 has seen a big decline in UK buyers but an increase in buyers from other foreign countries.

No doubt this post will join its predecessors as 'an interesting point in time'.......but main point to get across to readers is to beware that situations do change and to treat with caution what is written.


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R u still looking

I lived and worked in Istanbul for 12 years. I have been back in the USA for the past 5 years. I have Turkish citizenship too.

When I left the country there wasn't any kind of mortgage system due to near hyperinflation. If indeed I can get a mortgage, I would surely return and buy a place to live. A 2 bedroom, bathand half flat would be ideal for me.

However, places like Fehtiye and others in the Med coast areas are all seasonal holiday communities. I don't think there is much call for EFL instructors there. I have heard that many large schools in Istanbul have sister schools now in the south due to the shift of population and early retirement of the neuvo riche'.
Hi Nelson,

I am a new member in the forum. Don't know so much how it works and etc. Therefore you may be long gone from the site but just wanted reply anyway. As I am EFL teacher myself, I understand where you coming from. I can suggest you 2 amazing place in Turkey, where you can work and live happily ever after :) ..
Let me know if you still need any advice about legal purchasing procedure, location etc.