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All at sea

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Someplace else - Belmonte

Hi, is anyone else still in this Somplace Else's Brazil development in Brazil? Would be great to hear from anyone that still is and what you are planning on doing.


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Back in business

Someplace are alive and kicking!! Got this email today looks like a real boiler room scam..

The Latin America Property Bond

A savings plan with a difference – up to 10% per year interest.
Introducing the Latin America 1, 2 or 3 year Property Bond
Minimum investment £1,000
Interest paid every 6 months
Apart from the most expensive areas of London, property prices in the UK and USA are still falling.
The best interest rate you can get on savings in a bank is around 3.5%
The stock market and pensions are unpredictable at best.
Latin American economies, which generally avoided the credit crunch, are growing at up to ten times the pace of the UK economy.
The Latin America Property Bond is a great opportunity for you take advantage of these growing economies, without having to buy any property or risking too much time or money.
The Latin America Property Bond offers safety, security and profitability in one simple and straightforward product.
- Fixed One, two or three year term
- Minimum investment £1,000 = 6% interest
- £5,000+ = 7% interest
- £7,000+ = 8% interest
- £10,000+ = 10% interest

For a full brochure please email [email protected] or call 0207 731 2200.

There is a strict limit on the Latin America Property Bond and investment in it will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
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Be Someplace Else
279 New Kings Road
London, SW6 4RD


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boiler room

There are very strict rules set out by the FSA in regard to the promotion of collective investment schemes such as these and I am fairly certain this does not include estate agents spamming their email database. An esate agent should be and agent for bonds not an agent for financial instruments for which they have no qualifications.


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meant to say agent for property not agent for bonds !


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I am not sure what their qualifications are but regarding FSA rules, they aren't breaking them. If they had posted the details of the bond on this site like you did, then that would be breaking FSA rules and breaking the law. Conversely since you published the details for no obvious commercial gain you are not breaking any rules and neither are they unless they asked you to do it.

Rob, It turns on whethere the Collective Investment Scheme is regulated or unregulated by the FSA. If its regulated then anyone can promote. EG I can say that Barclays have a great 3 year deposit account that is offering 5% and as it is regulated then I am not breaking any rules.

If it is unregulated, and I would be amazed if this was a regulated CIS, then the scheme can only be promoted to certified high net worth or sophisticated individuals which would require a due diligence process before it is discussed.

The FSA does not differentiate between email or website - both our promotions and would be illegal. This is clearly an inducement to invest since it is quoting high yields well above first world market rates of interest.

There is an exemption on promoting the direct investment in property (as opposed to a fund) hence why estate agents can post blase statements of yields and future investment returns on apartments.

In reference to this I was disturbed in particular was when a firm called Ready2Rent (now reincarnated as Ready2Invest) sent me brochures on how I could earn 15%+ net yields on purchasing coastal property in Bulgaria in 2004.

I decided to investigate the matter and visited Bulgaria and met with some developers and soon discovered that yields quoted were completely exaggerated since they made non-sensical assumptions such as flats could be rented out in the Winter and Spring when the resort is physically closed down. Also the Summar season is much shorter in Bulgaria than,say, Spain due to the Gulf Steam and this was not assumed. When I put some numbers together a yield of 4 - 5% was the best I could show.

Frankly I felt the whole approach was a con to part with my money but when I approached the FSA they advised that direct property investment was exempted from their regulations. Basically, estate agents could drum up silly assumptions and exploit their customers accordingly without fear of legal retribution. In any other investment the promoter would need to use fully researched assumptions. So we had a loophole here, and still have.


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Hi, I was just doing a quick search about Someplace Else and came across this thread. I invested in their Belmonte, Brazil site a number of years ago. The building never materialised. I've tried many times to get a refund and have been promised this would be paid on several occasions but I've never seen a penny of my money. I've now heard that they have just been expelled from the AIPP because of serious breaches of code of conduct. Based on my experience, I would not recommend anyone puts any money with this company.


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I am in a similar situation with Ben Mason and Someplace Else, having invested in the Dos Lunas development in Argentina.

If anyone is interested in taking legal action, or has successfully done so, please let me know on [email protected] dot com.

Alternatively, if anyone has any good news to share about Ben and Someplace Else, it would be good to hear that too as it would be nice to put my worries to rest.


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Dos Lunas website

I can't post the address but there's a new website about Dos Lunas.

If you're an investor you should have received the link.


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Well having been the prophet of doom for 2 years, my own destiny came to fruition so it seems! Some will delight in the news. I also made what one would think as a safe investment in Natal and now it has stopped and communication with the developers has dried up. I can only assume but the gut feel is not great and trying to communicate with anyone at arms length is not easy.

If anyone knows of or has an interest in...Residencial Atlantic View, Constructora Conera Ltd, Ponta Negra, then please contact me or declare an interest. In fairness to this Developer it is not yet terminal but getting info on the delay is somewhat difficult. If anyone knows how to run a Company search in Brazil or lodge an interest or an injunction, then advice welcome. As I said, not yet terminal but the signs don't look great. Just goes to show how this Credit Crunch has hit the safest of bets...allegedly!
That happens to everyone and we call it the magic of time. I was also getting a great income from websites and all of a sudden everything is stopped. My thinking pattern is changed and literally everything related is changed.


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is brazil safe for investment

Well I am posting again after a long absence due to being bombarded with insults and other accusations from some deluded and obviously paranoiac member on this site the last time I posted.
Enough of that, I have since been a regular visitor and reader of posts here.

Maybe I should be starting another forum and will do if I am not attacked again so this is just to taste the waters!!

Is it safe to buy or invest in any property in Brazil?
Reason I am asking is that reading the posts on this site in the majority make pretty scary reading.
Am I wrong or not?

Now in Brazil on holiday again with my family in Rio and for those that do not know I am Brazilian by birth with residence in the US


I would say its a veritable minefield out there in summary and I would have to consider myself as one of the lucky ones as I have an apartment built, albeit on a condominium that is at least 12 months (and that's optimistic based on history) away from being completed even though the whole project was due for completion at the end of 2009!

I don't believe any amount of due diligence, or any agent reputation, is any safety net. It would appear to be luck of the draw although of course you should do everything you can to mitigate known risks. Of course the financial crash did exacerbate the chronic situation of defaulting/defrauding on projects and I would expect that specific situation to improve as the worldwide financial pressures slowly ease, however my personal advice would be to enter with utmost care and with the risk that you could lose everything weighing against the more expressed benefits.

Your Nationality should ease some of the other frustrations us Gringos go through, even with a Brazilian partner, to some degree at least.


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"Be Someplace Else" still has a website (all froth & no substance) that lists Ben Mason as one of the principals. Apparently he started his career in real estate whilst a student & has travelled extensively - commonly known as backpacking.

There's an address for the company on the King's Road in Chelsea. Might be worth a visit.