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I been offered with job in Dubai

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by littleman, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. littleman

    littleman New Member

    hi mate,

    i have been offered a job to be posted in Dubai. i was originated from malaysia, but working in Singapore. now then i was offered by this Singapore Company to be posted in Dubai for the Software Development work.

    I am working in IT/Software Development industry and obtained a relative software experience for 8 years, i would consider this is medium skilled professional. I understand the sub- industry i am working in is a very niche market. I am married but no kid currently and have a parent in my home country take care of.

    The expatriate package was offered as below.
    accommodation provided - but sharing with another person.
    car - company shared car.
    food, phone bill - own expenses.
    salary amonth - currently offered at 7000 SGD equivalent pay in Dirham, approximately 16000 to 17000 amonth after conversion.
    Employment Provision Fund contribution - NO given.

    I am not smoker, not heavy drinker, i just spent little portion of my money in photography hobby.

    I am seeking your good will advices, if the say above package is consider acceptable and living happilly in Dubai? i am targeting to save money for future use. what sort of pay is consider reasonable for Software professional like me?

    your responces is very much appreciated.

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