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Hi all,

I just found this forum by accident, as I was looking for some furniture, and this came up on google.

I readthrough a few posts, and am sorry to hear some of the stories of not so good agents etc...

I bought 4 years ago in a village called Jrebinovo near Elhovo, there were 2 houses on one plot of land with a garden of 4000sqm. One house was a newer build house, however the older one had more charachter. I had the house renovated to an amazing standard, and am now considering moving out there as soon as my kids leave home. (hope they dont stay too long).

I have studied for what seems like years in total on the internet of legalities etc.. and feel I could offer good information to those who are having difficulty. There are loads of really good agents out there, but not always necessarily the biggest ones.
Anyway, if anybody would like any advice about builders, lawyers, property maintenance etc... I am sure I can point you in the right direction.

I look forward to replying to a few of the threads also.

bye for now

Mark Stanley

Jain and Chris

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Hi Doogle and welcome on board :)

It would be marvellous if you could share your information on the board, after all that is what this about - sharing.......

Glad to know you bought with sucess !!!

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