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  1. Dear Friends and Forum members :)
    i created this thread up on request of many members request to have an idea about different restaurants in Hurghada we just Give an idea about different outlets but its not recommendation ;)
  2. Hard Rock Hurghada

    This Pictures from Hard Rock Hurghada

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  3. Papas Bar

    Here some Pictures from Papas Bar Hurghada

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  4. Hardees & Pizza Hut Sakkala

    here is Hardees 7 Pizza Hut Pictures

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  5. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Thanks George - really kind of you to take the time.
  6. iloilo

    iloilo Member

    How many big names are developing their property in Hurgada? Is Emaar (or its sister company) in there too? Today, I had a friend enquiring about property here. This friend never believed in property anywhere, not even in Dubai - so I was quite taken aback when he asked me about Hurgada. Please post more pictures (if you have them) & what about night life. Thanks.
  7. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Hi iloilo,

    Have you had chance to look through the forum yet? There's loads of pictures posted on various threads and an enormous amount of information on hurghada itself. If you need any help, just ask any of the moderators.
    Check out this thread to start with - but also have a look at the introductions thread. Both will give you an idea of the forum. Most of the photos are on the individual development threads.
  8. Fish House Restarant

    here is the pictures for fish House Restaurant

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  9. Many possibilities y an have here, and about big names there is Damac will open a big amazing project called Gamsha Bay
  10. MC Donalds

    Hello Here is MC Donald Pictures

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  11. Costa Cafe

    Here is the Pictures of Costa Cafe

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  12. Kfc

    Kfc Sekkala Hurghada

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  13. Sbaro Italian Restaurant

    Here is one of most Famous italian Chains In Hurghada

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  14. Abu Ahara Mall Super Market

    Hello As its big supermaret so have to post it in more than 1 post

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  15. Abu Ashara Super Market 2

    Abu Ashara Market pic 2

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  16. Abu Ashara 3

    hello there is more pics coming

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  17. you welcome this give yo idea about my services standards ;)
  18. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi George - the pics are fab and give people an idea - obviously you dont endorse the shops but it gives a really good idea of what to expect
  19. I will try to keep on making pictures for other outlets when have time:)
  20. chriscross34

    chriscross34 New Member

    thanks George, these pics are excellent, chris

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