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  1. I Think any one will come to live woud like to know info about different types of transportaions in Hurghada there is three types:
    1- Taxi
    Please go to following for full info and talks
    2- Public Bus Transportation
    The fair starts from 25 piasters till 2 Egyptian pounds

    3- Micro Bus its small toyota microbus fits for 12 persons and fair starts from 25 piasters till 2 Pounds but take care they might work as private taxi so ask before get on board

    'If you like to go to cairo by bus i recommend 2 companies The Super jet, and El Gouna Bus don't try others, the buses which cost from 60 L.E to 70 L.E
    Now also there is Buses from Hurghada to Luxor, Alex and other governrates (before it was realy bad now the new companies much difference its good)

    if any question i will answer
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  2. lyndsay552

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    Just came across this. : : Anytime Limo : :

    Seems like a good idea and a way of avoiding having to haggle all the time for taxis.

    Basically for a whole week you can have a taxi on call 24 hours a day for about £28.

    Has anyone used this service before?

  3. a few others in dare i say another forum have mentioned this!!
  4. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Lyndsay - that is a really good deal especially if you are a family of 4.
  5. Hurghada Transportation Vechils :)

    Hi this is pictures of different transportations vechils

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  6. Will & Steve

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    Hey Peter, yeah are we both really looking forward to seeing pics of when they start building finally and its great to see how this little online community is building gradually everyday!! Was unaware that easyJet were considering withdrawing the route from Gatwick to Hurghada so will e-mail my old line manager tomorrow and keep you guys all posted. It would be a great shame if they were to drop the route but at least other low cost airlines still fly there and i understand that there is a ferry which takes 90 mins from Sharm? is this correct? and do you know how often it runs?? and times of first and last crossing of the day?? questions questions questions!!! i have many more but am missing CSI... Will & Steve
  7. queenie40something

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    Hi Will and Steve ferry times as follws

    Sat - depart Hurgh for Sharm 9AM. Depart Sharm for Hurgh 17.00pm

    Mon - " " " 5am. " " " 18.00pm

    Tue - " " " 8 am " " " 17.00pm

    Thurs " " " 9am " " " 17.00pm

    Price for foreigners 475le return 250 one way

  8. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

  9. GM43

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  10. neilsja

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    Hi All

    Any news on the Easyjet flights from Gatwick to Hurghada?

  11. john'n'kate

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    Used this company

    We tried them for 10 days (one week and three days) They were good and never let us down, although they can't wait like a taxi when you're shopping, you can call them up as soon as you vacate the car and they will very often instruct the driver to wait for 10 minutes or so. In our opinion, well worth the money for hassle free travel within El Gouna and Hurghada.
  12. gordies

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    yes, they are back and flying to Hurghada from Gatwick from November 08 with return fares excluding baggage from about £105 on certain dates.
  13. Organics1

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    Speaking as someone who's made the ferry trip from Sharm To Hurghada and back again, I can say that it was an experience I don't want to repeat! I really don't know if that boat is big enough to make that journey when the Red Sea gets really choppy ;-)
  14. SuziQ2708

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    Whilst staying in El Gouna we took a taxi from the Movenpick to Hurghada New Downtown which cost standard 100 LE (£10 GBP) one way. The return cost is 150 LE (£15) with an additional charge of 30 LE (£3) per hour waiting fee. We wanted to stay in Hurghada for three hours and the driver wanted to charge us five hours waiting fee!! I argued that we shouldn't have to pay the waiting fee from the time he picked us up to the time he dropped us back at hotel, but he was having none of it, besides which this would have been four hours as it is only half hour car drive each way not one hour each way as he was trying to claim! We paid him the 100 LE fee for one way and took a Hurghada (blue & orange) taxi back for which we paid another 100 LE. Although there is a bus to Hurghada from El Gouna Downtown, we never actually saw one and didn't feel confident to risk catching the bus back to El Gouna, I don't doubt it would have been a lot cheaper though even with 4 of us travelling. :eek:
  15. Georgina

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    All the blue and orange taxis have a telephone number to call on the windscreen to report them if there are causes for complaint and their license number. Especially if they don't use their meters or cover up the meter with the fury dashboard cover ;) But using the meter to El Gouna doesn't give them much so I would pay LE50 as there is no guarantee of a return fare.

    The same in El Gouna. If the taxi is from El Gouna limousine threaten to report them if they try tricks like this. A few years ago I organised a taxi to take tourists to the airport from El Gouna. He stopped half way along the back desert road and demanded twice the price. Just get your mobile out and tell him you are calling the tourist police.
  16. samui13

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    ferry from sharm to hurghada

    Hi does anyone know how reliable the ferry service is. We intend to go hurghada to sharm (return) on the last day of holiday (getting our flight home the next day). We wanted to have a mad dash round hopefully getting hand over of our keys and also try to order some furniture.

    Is the ferry reliable enough to do this on our last day and also do you need to book it.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Lou - theres is a thread somewhere where I posted times etc - I will try and find it and merge. The ferry is really hit and miss Im afraid . You may be better off getting a flight over with Egyptair. Again I have made a post with their website and tips to try and get cheap flights. I will try and find it for you. Last yr there wasnt much difference in the price between flying and getting the ferry x
  18. Georgina

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    What time of year is this? I think it is more reliable in the summer than winter months. Every time I have caught it there has been no problems but it is Egypt! The first time I went it took 3 hours rather than the 90 minutes but it was rough.
  19. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Lou - their website and times etc are on page one of this thread
  20. samui13

    samui13 New Member

    Hiya it would be near the end of October (so it could be windy)!! Trouble with flying we have to diving a day early so we will lose an extra diving day in order to allow us to fly.

    Will take a look though and see what I can get.

    Cheers for your help.


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