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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by teekme, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. teekme

    teekme New Member

    I might start up a business repairing taxi meters because every time I ask a taxi driver to put his meter on, low and behold, it is broken!
    Seriously I would to interested to learn how much others pay for their fares.

    Why should we have to give taxi drivers a 100% plus tip? The journey from MacDonalds at the Esplanada to the New Marina comes to 5.30Le on the meter but always costs me 10Le. (the negotiations sometimes start at 40Le!!!)
    I now argue like hell with the drivers. I now only pay 7Le from Mcdonalds at the Esplanada to Sheraton Road and 5Le for the same trip back. (it's shorter on the way back). I now pay 10Le from MacDonalds at the Esplanada to Dahar.
    I am sure that if more tourists/foreign residents took a firmer stance with the taxi drivers we would not be regarded as easy prey so much.
    I would be interested to learn of your experiences.
  2. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    I have apartment in the intercontintal area and I will not pay more than 10le to go anywhere, I can get bus for 1le to sea gull so I only pay 10le in taxi even at that they get good tip as on metre it's around 7le.
  3. jeremy bright

    jeremy bright New Member

    the taxis are big problem as are making there prices up as they go along there is monopoly on some places like the airport wish the tourist police showed concern on rip of drivers
  4. teekme

    teekme New Member


    Too true Jeremy. The problem with the tourist Police is that their road blocks are useless. The taxi drivers know by law they have to have their meter on so when they see the road blocks ahead they immediately switch it on and then they just get waved through by the police.
  5. Reiska

    Reiska New Member

    How much do you pay from airport to Esplanada area? Have you noticed that the drivers never have change to give back.
  6. jeremy bright

    jeremy bright New Member

    they call it the Egyptian mafia i was out there in November they was over charging for visa stamps then when wanted a taxi was approached buy some one offering a list of prices so went with him but told him wanted better price was shown the driver also told him was not happy with the price and offered him £5 and was told to get in the car but i still insisted was only offering £5 but as he insisted was a £15 fare we got back out and walked back to the terminal but was not allowed back in so asked some one else for a taxi offering still £5 then the 1st person came back over shouting and pushing the 2nd person for talking to us so in between all that wee went over to some one else who took us in old scraper car for the £5 i do not mind haggling but was not a good 1st impression for the lady i took with me
  7. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Compared to Eastern Europe, the Egyptian taxi drivers are still amateurs when it comes to ripping off tourists.

    There aren't that many countries in the world where I haven't learned to set a price in advance. Dubai was one of the few places where the taxi drivers were OK.
  8. airport to marriot

    i am coming over to hurghada 26th feb and ill be staying at the marriott..

    roughly how much should i pay to that area?? im quite a haggling type and im quite prepared to walk away if i sense they are ripping me off..

    also wheres a good place to get a beer outside the hotel.. based on price and atmosphere.

    if anyone knows sharm el sheikh and they like beer ,, the camel bar was a great place to go .. ther one with all the peanutshells on the floor...

    i am going to see my rubble ive bought at coral sea pearl.. and to see a finished apartment at desert pearl..
  9. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    I always offer LE10 to taxi drivers (about GBP1)

    50% of them won't accept it, so it can't be too much over the odds.

    To be honest, it's just easier to give them a note rather than mess around getting change from them.

    At the Marriott, you're just a couple of minutes from Bulls, which has been the subject of a lot of praise on this forum over the last few weeks.
  10. great...

    i am really getting excited now since i have agreed to buy there

    the bars will be getting a lot of use and as we are people who enjoy meeting people and having banter esp since there are going to be lots of owners having a good bar will be great for us
  11. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Sitting around in bars all evening, talking complete rubbish?

    You sound like my kinda guy!

    I will be in Hurghada from 1 February and looking for someone to sit around in bars with talking complete rubbish, so if you would like to meet up some time that you're over, please PM me.
  12. prices limits

    HI as living in Hurghada i recommend you following fairs:

    from Dahar to sekalla (Mc Donalds, Sea Gull, Touristic Central, hadaba till Abu Ashara mall) don;t pay more than 10 L.E

    From Dahar to Sindbad, or kawther till end of walking road pay 20 L.E

    From Dahar to Villages up like Magawish or Hilton Long Beach pay from 25 to maximum 30 L.E not more.

    and from Sekalla same just deduct 5 L.E

    and if you like to take taxi to El Gouna don't pay more than 40-50 L.E maximum

    if need other info let me know
  13. im just after airport to marriott hurghada beach

    also 26th feb what will the weather be like

    we went to sharm 2002 ,,, january.. was warm till about 1ish then turned cold.we were due to go up sinai but weather was too bad too much snow..

    as long as it is warm im not ccaring too much
  14. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Hi All,

    I would recommend to make sure you pay what's on the meter.
    The blue and orange taxis are controlled by the government,there is now a sticker in the taxis that asks you to call the number shown if you should have a complaint.
    Take the taxi drivers number and complain should you need to.
    Some will try it on but just pay what's on the meter and give the driver a tip.
    I thought I would just mention this,if there are no orange and blue taxis available then obviously agree on a price before you get in the cab.
  15. muchos grassias
  16. Hi
    Its nice to pay what in the meter and now you can find a number on the taxi glass in front and back but some times its better for you to agree on the fair before you take tha taxi and what i said is the maximum payment i hope it help, for sharm El Sheikh the taxi charges start from 25 maximum 50 l.E i just was there, and for the weather in feb it might be cold but in the morning as long as the sunshine it will be warm and you can enjoy the sea but in evening take care it will be cold
  17. teekme

    teekme New Member


    All very well but the whole point of this thread was that the taxi drivers always say to tourists that their meter is broken. Even when you threaten to report them them just dive off.

  18. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Well the idea is to then take the taxis number then ring this new number they have in the cabs window and report them,or use another taxi,I was there last week and the majority at my request did put the meter on,with others I agreed a price before travelling.It's not a massive problem if you are not happy use someone else, there is hundreds of these cabs flying about,there is no need to even argue with them.
  19. use another one don't use who say its broken there is lots of them
  20. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    I am OK with paying LE10 for most journeys inside Hurghada. The LE1 and 50 piaster notes are so disgusting that I would rather the taxi drivers keep them for fear of my catching some disaease off them!

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