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Hurghada Property

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by soleiletmer, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. soleiletmer

    soleiletmer New Member

    Hi everybody,

    How do you rate Hutghada as a spot of attraction to those who are into buying property?
  2. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    I think Hurghada is seen as a buyers paradise at the moment as there is something available in everyones price bracket,thats what the one attraction is apart from the good all round weather and low prices on nearly everything.
    What else would you really want?
  3. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    You should download a copy of Propertastic's Complete Guide to Hurghada Property and then make up your own mind.

    It's free for the next week at:
  4. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    being a property owner in Hurghada, and only using my apartment for private use. I find Hurghada a fantastic paradise, only 6 hours flight to perfect weather, and the locals people very frendly. Go in the hotels and find out what the Russians are like and you will soon realise why we bought. the bars are cheap, and if you want night life Hurghada has it. The sea is a snorkeling heaven and not to forget the wild dolphin,s. Also put it this way we returned yesterday and looking forward to going back in April.
  5. philthecar

    philthecar New Member

    WEATHER in Hurghada

    [Hi there we are travelling to Hurghada in January to view our property and wondered if anybody could help us out with clothing ! We have beeen told it is cold at night but not sure how cold or what weather like in the day. Can anybody help
  6. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Re weather

    Hi philthecar,

    I would say you would be ok during the day in shorts ,tshirt.
    However at night you need the full kit,trousers shirt jumper as it will be slightly cool.
    Usually when the sun goes down it does get cold.
    redseafurniture will be able to definately tell you for sure.
  7. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    Been in both December and February. Great during day, warm enough for sunbathing. But at night different story. The days are quite short and once the sun goes down it can be quite cold, especially if the wind is up. We needed jackets and even then felt chilly.
  8. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    Yes it is cold at night now here in Hurghada it is warm up to 4:30 but to venture out in the evening you will need long trousers and a jumper or jacket of some kind.
    The last week has also been windy daytime temperatures are quite good as you would expect around the mid to late 70's.

    My sister visited us last week and went back with a tan, we took them to Sharm El naga (along with chrissven of this forum)to snorkel in the sea it was fantastic.
  9. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    Weather in January, can get chilly at night's need a jacket but you can buy jackets dirt cheap, Nike/Puma about £8 whatever you want printing. End of January starts to warm up.
  10. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    We came back Friday after being in Hurghada for two weeks with wonderful tans, even the kids gone back to school with loads of freckles and light tans.
  11. WESTMIDS33

    WESTMIDS33 Banned


    Hi Redsea,

    whats this about jumpers and jackets. Thought you Northern folk were hard? Ha. It cant be bad though compared to UK because they are predicting 90mph winds over xmas.
    Ps you are gonna have to toughen up if you are planning to come back over xmas?

    All the best

  12. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Even in Spain we're lighting log fires after 4.30 in the afternoon - even though its 22 degrees or more in the daytime!
  13. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    I'd rather be in Spain or Hurghada no matter how cold it is at the
  14. philthecar

    philthecar New Member

    thank you all as you say cannot be any worse than in good old UK where at this time we are sitting in the house with 4 layers on central heating and gas fire !!! roll on hurghada
  15. soleiletmer

    soleiletmer New Member

    It is really great in here it is true... specially if, as a European, you would rate it as a value for money.
  16. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Looks like everybody is in agreement, when we booking the one way flights then?.
  17. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    There's no doubt we all seem to love Hurghada but we would all like to hear more about the places further south like Marsa Alam. Where's your favourite and why? What were the good bits and the not so good?
  18. Marsa alam fits youif you fan of diving as there is no realy city and no life in evening so need some thinking
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