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Hurghada - El Gouna area is it up & coming?

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by shellbell, May 8, 2007.

  1. shellbell

    shellbell New Member

    This is my first post, so sorry if I ask stupid questions. We're looking to invest in Egypt, but have only ever visited Sharm. We've been offered villas mid way between Hurghada & El Gouna, that seem to be a very reasonable price. But, having never been there, I'm wary. Is this area up & coming? Are beaches good or bad? Is it isolated? If so, will local restaurants etc emerge at some point? Whilst being between 2 resorts gives plenty of options, we don't always like to jump in a cab - especially Egyptian cabs! So we assume others would feel the same. Our main aim is investment, so rentability is key. The offer on the table gives superb uninterrupted views ----but is that enough?
    So info/comments from anyone who knows the area would be really appreciated.
  2. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Hi Shelley I have been many times and would recommend you look at Sahl Hasheesh. This is an amazing complex just outside of Hurghada and is such an important project that the government have built a six lane motorway direct from the airport to Sahl Hasheesh! Please contact me on 0034 952 891 924 or email [email protected] for any advice that you need.
  3. alison9071

    alison9071 New Member

    hi shelly

    i live in elgouna and both my girls go to the internatinal school there we moved to elgouna from the uk in january and we all love it it really is an amazing place with everything you could want or need including hospitals dentist etc.. so for a holiday home you would have every thing you can find out more about elgouna on there website to answer your questions about the villas between hurghada and elgouna it really does depend on where elgouna is 10 klm from hurghada and in some parts you really wouldn,t want to buy there it is really bad but in others it is amazing you have the golden mile from hurghada to elgouna this is where it starts to get really nice and they can be reasonably priced but you must make sure they are finished there is nothing mid way between elgouna and hurghada at the moment that is fully finished i drive that road every day to work there is however lots of building work going on so i am sure that within a year there will be The main centre of hurghada is very well established and finished now with great rental oppurtnities if you are interested in a resort that is finished now and ready now elgouna is but if you want something outside elgouna then el quiser in hurghada is your best bet if you need any more info or if you would like to give the details of the resort you have being offered i can have a look for it on my way home and give you my honest opinion becuase there are 2 sides 1 is good and 1 is very bad or you can call me on 002 0100883119 thanks alison
  4. shellbell

    shellbell New Member

    I seem to remember clicking a link somwhere & requesting further info on property in El Gouna, but never got any response. Any sites you'd recommend?
  5. alison9071

    alison9071 New Member

    hi shelly
    just a qiuck note if you are looking for something in elgouna they are now selling the new marina of plan with finance but it wont be ready for maybe 18 months this is something that i heard if you would like any more info let me know and i will ask at there office for you becuase only orascom who own elgouna sell this but there are re sales they can tend to be very expensive though becuase agents charge 10/15% commision but local people advertise there apartments villas etc.. let me know your requirments and i will ask around for you thanks alison harris
  6. Satish K

    Satish K New Member

    Hi Shelly,

    Just to further wet your appetites about the investment opportunities in Egypt, Damac Group has signed an agreement with Egyptian Government to come up with a 320 million sq.ft project at Gamsha bay.

    The 320 million square feet Gamsha Bay project, located at the north of Hurghada will be the largest development in the region and the total value of the development is estimated to be GBP £8 billion. The Gamsha Bay project will offer residents a wide array of housing options, entertainment venues and recreational amenities including an innovative extreme sports adventure theme park. It will be divided into 9 distinct zones – Gamsha Marina, Marina Park, Coral Golf Course, Sea View Crescent, Creek Retreat, Gamsha Bay, Peninsula Luxury Villas, Downtown Gamsha and Extreme Sports World Theme Park.

    I believe there is a good upside future investing in Egypt. If you need more info in this regard, email me at [email protected]
  7. shellbell

    shellbell New Member

    Thanks Alison. We're looking for 3 bed (possibly 2), with good rentability. So any info/contact details would be appreciated.

    Gamsha Bay - I have already noted this one & registered interest somewhere - will be interested to see when it is released.

    Thanks guys
  8. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    El gouna is beautiful but very quite,if you are looking in between hurghada and el gouna take a good look as its desert so you may be a car ride away from something to do so do have a look,then make your mind up plenty to se and buy in this part of Egypt.
  9. GM43

    GM43 Banned

    I am living in Hurghada and never seen a DIRECT motorway to Sahl Hasheesh!
    There is a ringroad (4 lanes). You have to go off the ringroad, and then take the normal road to Hurghada for maybe 500m?. Then take the road (at your right hand) to Sahl Hasheesh. Maybe they are planning to make this direct road. But at the moment it is not. Here you can find a picture how it looks like at the moment:
  10. propertywatch1

    propertywatch1 <b>Official Photographer</b>

    I am also living here in Hurghada (from Bolton,UK) and El Gouna is nice its also very expensive compared with the rest of Hurghada.From property prices to food etc the prices are comparable to UK prices.
    There are far better projects around Hurghada..its easier being here as the prices offered by the various developers to the tourists can be greatly inflated.
    Also be very wary of completion dates...especially if you are buying as a rental investment....the dates are always way off.

    Ex-Boltionian living in Hurghada
  11. mick

    mick New Member


    Hi Redsea

    Sounds like you are the man on the spot. We have just bought an appartment in Suleder, Hurghada. Expected completion date is March 2008 can you enlighten us a bit on how the build is going and if you think it will be a good development.


  12. Various Shops now available in El Gouna for furniture and there is alot of them now in Hurghada plus free lancers around
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