Hurghada Car Wash

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    There is an impressive car wash in Hurghada. Haven't a clue of the road name but if you came out the airport entrance and turned left, ignore the left turn just before Nile Hospital but take the next left turn and it is down that road on the left hand side. Easier to find if you are travelling up that road because their is a big sign.

    My friend had her car done. They start by using a tyre pressure jet to blow all the dust up inside and then vacumm it and wash the mats. They then use a high pressure jet hose to wash and shampoo. They can put the car on a ramp to pressure wash the underneath. They then dry the car and polish the windows and hand wash the tyres and wheels. Finally they do the black bits inside with a special gloss, put some paper mats inside for your feet and spray some scent. It takes about one hour but you can sit and get a sprite while you wait.

    And the cost...........................................LE25 !!!!!
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    Ooooh, as much as that!!!!!!!!

    Certainly knocks the theory, 'you only get wot you pay for' on the head doesn't it?

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