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How To Sell My House Fast?

Discussion in 'The Americas Real Estate' started by johnbreath00, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. johnbreath00

    johnbreath00 New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to know about some tips by with I am able to sell my house fast. Please share some exact tips which is helpful for me to sell my house fast.

  2. CityDwellers

    CityDwellers New Member

    Here are few tips to help sell your house fast:
    - Focus on curb appeal.
    - Make all necessary repairs.
    - Stage the house. Staging involves deeply cleaning, DE-cluttering, depersonalizing and arranging furnishings to make your house as appealing as possible.
    - Set the price right.
    - Spread the word using facebook, twitter, linkedin or a forum such as this one.
  3. jessesusan

    jessesusan New Member

    (Moderated) provides you effective tips for selling home fast.
    1.Make sure you clean the house and fix all the repairs.
    2.Always keep your house “show-ready”. Potential buyers can turn up any time.
    3.Make sure there is sufficient light coming into the house.
    4.Be courteous, be patient and be polite while showing your property.
    5.If you want to make a quick deal, always be ready to move out.
    6.To fetch the best deal, you can always contact real estate agents or realtors.
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  4. danielmartin3e

    danielmartin3e New Member

    Top Tips For Selling House Fast:
    Declutter – but don’t depersonalize.
    A fresh lick of paint.
    Fix and clean.
    Update the kitchen.
    Light and airy.
    Light a fire.
    Make it look pretty.
    Get the right smells.
    Showing the property.
    Obvious conversions.
  5. nmb

    nmb Well-Known Member

    If you make the exterior of your property as appealing as possible this will attract more people into the property. While in a perfect world the decor and colour schemes would suit the needs of everybody this is not possible. So, if you go for some of the more subtle colour schemes and decor ideas this will allow possible buyers to put their own stamp on your property. Get them in the door, give them a taste of what can be done and leave some scope for them to put their own stamp on the property. Hey presto, sold!
  6. Caroline Allison

    Caroline Allison New Member

    Selling a house fast is a difficult task.
    I think, hiring a real estate agent is the right decision to sell a home quickly at the best price.
    You can contact with a local real estate agent in your area.
  7. Carmela

    Carmela New Member


    First, try out cleaning up your house and fix any damages be it minor or major, after that take pictures of every part of your house highlight the amenity or part that you think most buyers would be interested in. After that post it online, you can start by means of using your own social media accounts, facebook, twitter and instagram. Then it's an added value if you can post it to websites that focuses on buy and sell of real estate. Aside from doing it online, you may also try doing it by word of mouth, tell your friends and/or family about your plan. :)
  8. Tanya Daye

    Tanya Daye New Member

    Hello johnbreat,
    Here some tips will help you sell your home quick.
    - Make your House in look appealing
    - Make sure no one any broken part available in your home. if available then repair it.
    - check the light coming in your home is enough.
    - Sell your home very fast with the help of real estate agent. so connect with them.
    - Spread the advertise on social media like facebook, twitter, forum any news channel.
  9. phil rakusen

    phil rakusen New Member

    I would advise trying a quick house sale company the can complete fast.
  10. diyhelp

    diyhelp Active Member

    Be careful of the time scale/price balance - it is all good and well getting a quick sale but don't lose out financially/
  11. Lory1pips

    Lory1pips New Member

    Most Sellers having to sell quickly are without the financial resources to fix/make needed repairs, muchless make significant upgrades to the property. This is why businesses, such as mine, that will to take on the risk and renovate the property are serving a vital need of the community.
  12. realdeals

    realdeals Active Member

    My best tip, list the property at a reasonable price but leave yourself some shuffle room to knock a little off the price for a quick sale. If you list it at the "quick sale price" you are likely to be knocked down even further.
  13. John Scott

    John Scott New Member

    If you want to sell your home fast, then most important thing is to know how to deal with home buyers. You should know the process well. You should keep your home in a great condition to impress your buyer.
  14. bellana055

    bellana055 New Member

    Home Stagers will help you in this regard. Home staging is done to highlight the main features of the house and to make it more appealing for the buyers. You can also do it on your own after successfully completing home staging certification. Global staging is offering online certification course on it.
  15. Kevin Stapleton

    Kevin Stapleton New Member

    As Everyone suggested to you,
    • Clean and repair you home as per the requirements
    • Share the Advertisement of it all the Social medias including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus etc.
    And also you can go for some other online advertisement ideas like:
    • Classified Ads: Find some classified websites for your region and add the ad of your home with all the details including photos.
    • NEWS Paper Ad: You can also follow the traditional way to sale your Home.
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