How to rent a property in the UAE



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How do I rent a property in the UAE ?

Renting is common practice in the UAE, rental prices have dropped significantly making the market more competitive, what are you opinions ?


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Are you moving to UAE to work? as that's the only reason why anyone would want to rent here, unless you mean for a short term ( holiday) etc.

Rents are actually on the rise across all types and areas so not sure where you got your info from? The other thing to bear in mind when renting in UAE is that you are expected to pay in advance in one or two cheques sometimes three if your landlord agrees.


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At this moment in time the Dubai property market is certainly very buoyant and rents are far from cheap. As suggested, the market is very much dictated by employment in the region although hopefully the authorities have learned from previous property price bubbles which saw the dramatic collapse of the Dubai property market back in 2008/9.


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Rental prices have significantly increased in a lot of Dubai but not the whole UAE. There are still places throughout other Emirates that are well priced. It really does depend on your reason for moving though.


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I would also suggest that you study the rental law in Dubai. You need to know your rights under the law and how you can protect yourself as a tenant.
Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

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Currently the prices are stable since the last quarter.


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If you want get it cheap, you should use a local laywner with broker license or seeking on arabian properties sites.


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The price for rent is continually growing in Dubai and if you move there you should expect how much you pay to go up significantly within the first year, unless you have been offered a well payed job over there I wouldn't suggest it


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Depends on you, contact with any recognized Real Estate agency or agent , they will guide you better. Or search on classified websites hope this will help you .


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you can contact with real estate agents in UAE . They will help you to get rent in UAE but choosing the right real estate agent is more important.

Elham Al Qasim

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You can contact real estate agents in the city. They can help in finding the right property for you within your budget. If you are looking for a property in Abu Dhabi, then check with LLJ Property or Crompton Partners.

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