How to reach European buyers for Mexican retirement homes?

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We sell retirement homes in Baja California, Mexico mainly to the markets in California and Arizona in the USA. With the dreadful market depression up there our sales have slowed dramatically. However, yesterday we entertained a visit from an Irish customer who explained that due to the strong Euro that we ought to target buyers in Ireland and England. Any thoughts on how to do this? We reach most of our buyers through the Internet, but a search on Google did not give me any insights as to how to reach prospective buyers. Any thoughts or comments will be greatly appreciated!

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Mexican retirement homes

I lived in San Diego California for 28 years, I came to France 5 years ago, I have seen first hand some of these Mexican retirement homes sold to unsuspecting Americans, the quality of building is disgusting,the building inspections non existant,and upon completion they have to be heavily fortified against intruders.I have friends who were tempted by "cheap" deals and lived to regret it, Mexico is an extremely poor country, it lacks a lot of the basic infrastructure that Europeans take for granted, it was also dangerous down there, many many robberies, rapes and even murders.
Several times I drove down there with visiting friends who just had to go over the border, twice I was stopped by local police, for no reason, and after about half an hour was told it would COST me $100 to go on my way.
Please do not lead unsuspecting Europeans into such a venture. It is not a safe place, believe me I have seen it with my own eyes.
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