How to Make Property Work for You

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    Whether you’re a first-time investor, have already purchased a few properties, or are currently working in property, this seminar is for you.
    About this Event
    Avoid common problems and pitfalls faced by investors

    John Howard is one of the most experienced developers and investors in the UK today with a career spanning four decades. John’s proficiency stems from the sale and purchase of over 3,500 properties. With a rental portfolio similar to many other large investors through his property companies, John’s experience is vast. The latest acquisition in John’s portfolio is a £26million development funded by Homes England.

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    This seminar has been tailored to improve the success of those who wish to learn more about developing, investing or trading property. ​

    You will learn:

    → How to source funding and find investors for your property deals
    → Which types of property to choose and where to find them
    → Tips on buying to rent and buy-to-let mortgages
    → How to trade in rising or dropping markets
    → How to avoid going under during property recessions
    → How to choose and work with builders, agents, and solicitors

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    Very interesting - it would be great if you could keep us up to date with the "better" property investment seminars in the future. We will let you filter the wheat from the chaff lol
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    Do you hold these seminars on a regular basis?
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    I have been to a seminar in the past, many years ago, which I found lacked any real depth. However, I fully appreciate that things have changed dramatically over the last few years. Do you have any further details about this seminar?

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