How to invest - first time buyers, large deposit


Simon Stephens

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hello all,

first time on this forum, thanks for having me.

i am for the first time in my life in a position to buy some property.

a collection of circumstances have come together and my partner and i are actively looking.

we have £250,000 as deposit / stamp duty / repair money (have been saving and lucky to have inherited some money).

my partner has a full time job, £85000.

we are both first time buyers.

we live in London so even the above fortunate circumstances don't give us a huge range.

we're looking between the following, trying to decide the best moves:

• invest in London where we work and live (and currently pay £20,000/year in rent)

• invest in bristol where i'm from, to live later on and rent out for now

• invest abroad, cheaper holiday homes (France/Italy around €80,000)

• invest in scotland where she's from, Glasgow has cheaper flats

Any advice on how to take best advantage of the large deposit money and the first time buyer status of us both would be much appreciated!

thank you




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Invest in London, where you are, because it the most convenient


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I think it's better to invest in the house you're going to live in now, so the vacation home option is only appropriate if you already have a primary home. I advise you to choose a home in a big city, where there are more opportunities to find a good job and improve your own business. Investing in real estate is good, but I suggest investing in the stock markets. It is a new and promising way to make extra money. Many people around the world are making thousands of dollars from it. It's a great opportunity if you have a basic income, a home, and savings. More information here
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Simon has a large deposit. I think he could buy a residential property in London, and also a buy to let in a cheaper part of the country. Definitely a good idea to use mortgages and stretch your funds

In places like Leeds and Liverpool, £50,000 is ample money for deposit and stamp duty

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On investments, it is possible to earn more than on bank deposits, but at the same time, there is a chance of losing everything.


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