How to find a good agent/team to help in you are an investor

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Hi All - Although a bit controversial, I will ask the question anyway, as there is really no way to sugarcoat what I have been encountering.

I am having great difficulty in the Long Island area in finding an agent who is willing to help investors. Too many agents are greedy, in it for themselves, and see new investors as competition. Although they have a fiduciary responsibility to help everyone, it's fairly easy to "game the system" in your favor by making a variety of excuses to not helping. Any advice for a new investor looking for that first real estate, single family home property to invest in?

I should say that I have had a positive experience with renting our my home in another state, which is what gave me "the bug" to start going down this path. I have read a couple of books, watched some videos, and started perusing through this forum, and will continue to learn so that I can achieve my dream of becoming financially independent, as I'm not looking to make millions tomorrow!

Thanks in advance for the advice!


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You’re wrong about agents not wanting to help

If they aren’t helping you, then you’ve failed to convince them that you’re a real buyer

I would focus on how you’re selling yourself to an agent

I’ve never had an agent not want to work with me


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Are you making full use of the Internet? This is my first port of call when checking a new third party to see if they are worth dealing with. Obviously, you need to take some reviews with a pinch of salt but you will get a general idea of the standard of service they offer.