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How to evict tenants?

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by vg100, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. vg100

    vg100 New Member

    I have just given my tenant 90 days notice to vacate my apartment (1st year contract ends in 2 weeks) citing reasons that I want to use the apartment for personal use. However, I don't plan to live in the apartment full time but rather use it as a holiday home for when me and my family visit Dubai. I then plan to sell the apartment in the middle of next year.

    My tenant refuses to vacate saying that he will take the matter to the Municipality Rent Committee and demands that I renew the lease with the same terms as the 1st year. He says I am bound to do this by UAE law.

    Does anyone know if using the apartment as a holiday home is a good enough reason to evict a tenant under the current law and regulations? If it is, what proof would I need to give to the authorities that I am using it as a holiday home?

    Any help and advice is much appreciated.
  2. cansaw

    cansaw New Member

    Evucation of the Property

    The law states that if the landlord wants to use it for "personal use", he can give the tenant 90 days notice to cancel the agreement, BUT article (26) states that if landlord acquire the property for personal use, give notice to the tenant, but then rent it out again, the lessee shall file a case against the landlord for liquated damages.

    You can sell your apartment with the tenant in it - the new owner takes over the tenant & you have to pay the new owner the balance of the rent.
  3. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    You would be better off saying that you want to occupy it instead of saying holiday home. Rules here change everyday.

    Maintain the fact that you want to stay and then probably attribute the delay in occupying to relocation from your country of residence.

    Once the tenant leaves, he will not have time to come inspect and file a case.

    It helps to serve a legal notice and take the services of an attorney.


  4. vg100

    vg100 New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys
  5. greg

    greg New Member

    Hey vg100 I don't know much about dubai real estate laws but if there is anything I know about dealing with specific situations in a foreign country that is use the services of a lawyer or legal adviser!!
  6. MHCNiazi

    MHCNiazi New Member

    If your existing tenants are paying say 55K, After evicting them legally can you then sign a new lease with new tenants at market rates say 75K?
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