How to come in contact with investores.?

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Hello everybody.

My name is Frode, and i`m new here at this forum.

I am an Norwegian man married and living in Brazil.
I understand by reading the posts here in "Brazil property" that the most of the talk is about north northeast Brazil, and that it`s there the most of the investment is finding place, as a Norwegian this place is well known as a lot of Norwegians have invested "up" there.

I`m living in Campinas SP, and i know that it`s not much talking about this region when it comes to foreign investments.

3 hours driving from Campinas there is a place called Ubatuba, Ubatuba is linked with the Rodovia Longitudinal or the BR-101 and is also located east of São Paulo and east/north/east of Santos and west of Rio de Janeiro. The city lies near the Tropic of Capricorn.

The urban area is mainly concentrated with the Atlantic.Ubatuba has schools or a collegiate, high schools, churches, banks and a few parks.

The valley areas and the urban area, much of the land, mainly to the north are forested and mountainous and forms a part of the Serra do Mar mountains, the thing that makes this place special is the mix between tropical rain forest, hills and mountains and at the coastline more then 100 different beaches, most of them you can have almost for your self.

Ubatuba has until this day been protected from the big tourist bang, as of this Ubatuba have many aeries as i think could be interesting for foreign investors, as example airport, hotels, tourist ferry (from Rio de Janeiro) restaurants, Eco tourism and many more....

This is only a short resume, and i`m looking for information or persons that could be interested to together with me look more in to this.

I`m involved with people who can put things in action.


Frode Eldevik
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