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how to buy property at geman auction

Discussion in 'German Property' started by carollegge, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. carollegge

    carollegge New Member

    hi can somone help with advice on auchtion buying of property in germany and what i should be carfull off and were they are and what dates never done this berfore need to makr freinds with somonewho has done this :rolleyes:
  2. berlinprofile

    berlinprofile New Member

    German auctions

    Hi, Im a property agent in Berlin, we have recently been offering some auctions properties, we also make searches and take people throught the process for a reasonable fee of 3% of the auction valuation price.
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  3. Butaux

    Butaux New Member

    too late for auctions. Prices too high now.
  4. carollegge

    carollegge New Member

    hi thanks thanks for your message its not robert by any chance is it
  5. carollegge

    carollegge New Member

    hi can you contact me [email protected]
  6. berlinprofile

    berlinprofile New Member

    Direct questions to me at [email protected]

    Our web site with info. on auctions is:

    Ive also sent you an email
  7. Rambo

    Rambo New Member


    Why don't you check out zwansversteigerung? Its free, you are buying at the Amtsgericht (court) and you can get real bargains there.

    I don't know about Berlin, but done it in other - more attractive in my eyes - locations, didn't pay fees, you get a valuation and even if sometimes you have to refurbish you can get real value for money.

    Check it out, and leave all brokers behind but it is not online so you would need physical presence in the Courthouse.

    Look in google for "Frankfurt Amtsgericht", click on "zwangsversteigerungen" and download a offer or two so you would get a feeling for it.

    And the Auctionhouses, the commercial ones, usually offer you either overpriced or simply the **** of the market - be aware! This is not the UK, and there are hardly serious stuff on sale.

  8. carollegge

    carollegge New Member

    thank you rambo i will do as you surgest so auchtions are s.....t were have you bought as aposed to berlin were is best at moment do you have to be there to buy from court and other sources thanks a lot carol e mail [email protected]
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