How many percent of UK people will move to Australia and buy a house?



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Just wanna know the preferences of UK people about the migration to Australia, and which city do you like?


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I did some digging and these seem to be the more popualr Australian cities for UK expats:-

1. Melbourne
2. Sydney
3. Adelaide
4. Perth
5. Brisbane


An old school friend of mine moved to Australia many years ago and I see his posts and comments on Facebook. The impression I get is that it was the best move he ever made, he has a different lifestyle that you he wouldn’t have had in the UK and when balancing employment income and the cost of living, I get the impression he is no worse off.


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I am born and raised in Australia and there are so many people from the UK that move here. We had lots of people who worked for our company who we sponsored and ended up getting citizenship and moving. Most of the time they don't intend to move, they just want to live here for awhile but they end up falling in love with the weather or an Australian.