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How Long Will You Keep Yours?...

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by awahee123, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask the members here on how long you think you will keep your property in Egypt before selling for either a newer property or a profit?.
    Also what do you think the lifespan will be of any development,5 maybe 10 years, When I say lifespan I mean the building still looking good after a number of years,(NOT WHETHER IT WILL STILL BE STANDING).
  2. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    I feel that it is early days for Hurghada and the longer you keep hold the more money you will make in the end if thats what you want.
    Me personally have invested to keep maybe a good inheritance for the kids. A cheap holiday for them too.
    Our apartment is being looked after while we are not in the country so we do not have to worry about it.
    Regarding to lifespan if the maintainace is kept up why can it not last a life time, Houses here in the UK do and that is with all the weather we have.
  3. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    That's a good answer j4,I'm just trying to see how long everybody thinks their particular property will be properly maintained.
    It does boil down to maintainence and the quality of the materials used.
    It would also be handy to know how many peole may think of reselling and roughly after how long.

    WESTMIDS33 Banned


    Hi j4,

    Im in the same frame of mind as you. For the best results properties should be kept for 3 to 5 years and Capital should have considerably appreciated. Too many people are worrying about renting and trying to get a massive return in the short term. Renting is good but you will be competing with all those hotels. In the first year of completion Im planning to use the property between close family and friends who will respect the use of the same.

    Ps I was with Awahee123 and went to the Oasis Project. We were impressed with the neatness of the building and finish. Thumbs up J4.


  5. J4hurghada

    J4hurghada Banned

    thanks westmids, not a bad project is it and also we bought at right time got good price, when the roads are all in and the building done it will all be worth it. weather we move over this year or in 5 years, we have no intention of selling for a very long time, absolutly love the place. Where have you bought is it nice?
  6. I you choose the right project you will never think about it as there is a company management who cares about every thing and if i were you i think about rental not sell
  7. jeremy bright

    jeremy bright New Member

    what do you think about people like me who want to live there is it best to give it a go for one year with the small apartment then sell and look for a better one and newer keep up to date as like you say will start to age
  8. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    3 year limit


    Personally I would think anywhere between 3 to 5 years maximium it might be a good idea just to move around a bit,However if your development is well looked after then even I would maybe stay longer then this.
  9. I think this is an option any way you will not lose anything your property price will be up so you will earn in both ways some profit of knowledge if u can go ahead and some over pf what you paid
  10. nuttybird

    nuttybird New Member

    I bought my property in British Resort as i had a bit of money to invest,and just wanted somewhere warm to holiday a couple of times a year.I"m not going to rent it out,as luckily i have no mortgage to cover.My plan is to sell in about 5-6 years to pay for my sons university fees! Yes,i hope to make a profit,but as long as i get back a bit more than i paid,then i"ll be happy and will hopefully have had many a wonderfull holiday there.
    I think the outside of the apartments Ie...grounds,pools etc will stand up to the eliments as long as everyone PAYS THEIR FEES!! if people dont pay up(and i"m sure this will happen) then all these lovely new complexes will all soon look tatty and unapealing,and won"t be able to rent out or sell.
  11. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Thanks for your input there nuttybird it's good to see how different people think.
    I think you have the right thoughts you will not go far wrong with your investment it is a definate quality development what what i've seen.
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