How long must a dispute be declared when selling

Discussion in 'Legal & Regulatory' started by Sony Tony, Jan 28, 2019.

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    Our neighbour sent a legal letter regarding a fence separating our properties around 6 years ago, but nothing has happened since. Now I'm coming to sell, am I obliged to mention it on the property information form? Presumably even if I can stay quiet, if the buyer's solicitor specifically asks I'd have to mention it? It's so frustrating because it was a dubious claim borne of malice and it still seems to hang over us. Thanks
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    This all seems a little unfair to me. On one hand you have been subjected to what you describe as a malicious claim while on the other you are legally/morally obligued to disclose this when looking to sell your property.

    As part of the deal I think you are invited to disclose any other points of interest to a buyer - so if you didnt disclose then I assume you could in theory be sued? Does anyone know if this is the legal situation?
  4. I think it is best to be up front and honest - otherwise this does have the potential to come back and bite you on the backside. Unfair? yes, but legally you are obligued to be open and honest.

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