How Important Is The US Market To Australian Investors



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I have been researching foreign investors in the US market for a short time. I am trying to figure out how important U.S. Real Estate is to Foreign Investors. I see that many people in Australia for instance find US cities like Detroit, Dayton, Kansas City, Mo to be quite attractive. I was wondering how profitable this has been for Foreigners and if there is a continued demand for more income producing property by Non US investors?


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There are three things to consider when seeking for a good property investment in the US.

You can refer to this discussion by an Australian investor of USA property.

[ame=""]Australian investor talks about USA property investment[/ame]

These are the points from the video.

1. Look for a good US partner.
2. Seek for a good location (Indianapolis is a good one and I could affirm to that.)
3. Have a good team behind it.

Investing in the US is far more advantageous than any other countries like Australia. Rates are lower in the US plus the yield is bigger. In Indianapolis alone it could range 12-15%.

This is probably the reason why more and more foreigners are investing in US property.
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The US is one of the top five source countries for visitors to Australia in terms of numbers and expenditure.The United States is Australia's fifth largest export market and the most important market for services. The United States is the largest investor in Australia.:hello:


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This is very true that US is the largest investor of Australian properties and export market..
And investing in US is the most profitable and good for Australia.


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I have also heard a lot of Australians and Kiwi's investing over in the US, in the likes of rentals becasue of the great return that they have.


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The U.S abridgement and apartment bazaar are at their complete everyman point in 30 years, which has brought on a affecting beat appear rentals and, in a lot of cases, added rental returns.The Aussie dollar is at an all time top and all-embracing investors are aerial in now fore the US bazaar bounces aback up. But you bigger get in fast!

Recent analysis shows that US acreage prices acceleration for the third ages running!

If you are interested about the action of award a abutment aggregation of Acreage Managers, Legal advise, accepting accounts and the account of things involved, again you accept no acumen to abhorrence or delay addition moment to advance , we accept done all of the analysis for you!


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Thank you for sharing this wide perspective. I never thought of it in that way


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I agree. The US is a great place for property investment, especially if you invest in apartment complexes. I do not think Detroit is a good place to invest though.