How has a UK citizen get a mortgage with decent interest rates for a US property?

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Hi all

I am having huge problems getting an international mortgage for investment in the US right now. The best I am getting is 7.2% with a 70 % loan to value.
This is obviously very high considering the feds have put there interest rates down so low.

Is there any way around this? Is it wise to invest with those kind of rates in the currently declining US market? I surely won't make enough in rent to come close to paying the repayments at this rate?

Any help from the Gurus would be appreciated.



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That is around the going rate for non-US nationals right now.


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CS, of course those are the rates, you've heard about the credit crunch..........

No I would'nt invest with that cost breathing down my neck, you'll never make money.

Ive got to say that the UK could be a good place to invest if you can find a distressed seller but the rates here will be probably above 6% for a buy to let mortgage. Note its very difficult to get such mortgages accepted now. Its all down to the rent being too low compared to the rent.

I'm considering the US also but I'm in no rush and want to be sure there are no onerous rental rules that one often confronts in the US.
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