How does a current real estate market look like?

Discussion in 'Australia Property' started by mattio, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. mattio

    mattio New Member

    I was wondering what kind of properties is good to invest in right now in Australia according to a current real estate market. Any suggestions, guys?
  2. JhaiMitchell

    JhaiMitchell New Member

    Depends on your goals and what you’re interested in?
  3. mattio

    mattio New Member

    I am mostly interested in 2-3 bedroom houses (around 500k each), but I am not sure what area would be the best for this type of property. What would you recommend?
  4. comdevsmith

    comdevsmith Banned

    I am totally agree with you.:willy:
  5. investproperty1

    investproperty1 New Member

    Most investment grade property is located in large Australian cities, particularly Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. For apartment investors, the best locations are usually in suburbs 4 – 8 km from the CBD. For stand alone houses, the best locations tend to be a little further out, around 6 -12 km from the centre.

    It’s wise to target a location within walking distance of a village-style shopping strip and close to public transport, parks, schools and entertainment areas.

    ---- Peter

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