How do I sort a troublesome tenant at minimal cost?



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I am looking to buy into an existing property business with a friend. However, one of the rented properties has a troublesome tenant who continues to ignore warnings and is getting behind with his rent. What are the best and cheapest options to resolve this issue?


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Best and cheapest are rarely bed-fellows but ill try! The simplest thing is to have a chat with the tenant and find out what the problems are. Most tenants respond much better to a human-approach, face to face chat than snotty letters. Explain that rent shortfalls cause major issues with the mortgagee, etc. Also, when asking tenants to move out, it can help if the landlord or landlord's family is planning to move into the property in question....


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I guess from your helpful comments you have gone through a similar process in the past? Was your approach successful?


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Indeed it has. Tenants tend to respond better to a human approach and I would say this is true 95% of the time.

It may help me to assist you if you can explain what warnings the tenants are ignoring, how far they are behind with the rent and what their personal situation is.