House to buy a house I really want!



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I am due to view a house this weekend (I am the first booked to see it and there are others viewing after me) I know the house and the street well and will be making an offer. I'm a first time buyer so inexperienced in this field. The house seems undervalued at £550,000 with no chain, taking into account size of house and the location (it is advertised as a guide price) The agent said it's how much the seller wants and the low price is because it is in need of decorating and the garden is very small. I'm unsure how to play it. Do I go in at the asking price or higher? Also do I make an offer on the spot or will the agent use this to influence other bids? I can probably stretch to £625,000 but would prefer not to over pay. However, I am also aware that the market is very competitive and don't want to lose out! Any advice would be welcome!