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Jain and Chris

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Where to buy in 2008?

We've been watching the market for some time now (over 20 years in Bulgaria!) and have also undertaken detailed research amongst our readers and advertisers, notaries, lawyers, developers, businesses, etc...

What we've found is this for 2008 :
1. Coast
Choose carefully, check out the developer, the development and surrounding areas. Varna hot on the list as "the most western european cosmopolitan city with infrastructure and an airport". Lovely town with many pedestrian areas and only one min from town to beach!
Front line and sea view really count

2. Ski
Pamporovo is the fastest growing resort, much loved by the Bulgarians too. Again infrastructure is now starting to get in place. Developments are offering skiing from the door!
Nearer to the gondola the better

3. "Museum Towns"
These are the towns in Bulgaria with some of the best architecture. Preserved authentic Bulgarian revival living! Full of tourists as well so good for buying to rent out. Many of these towns have good facilities, choice of restos... within walking distance of the properties. Choose houses wisely - in the centre, not several kms from town, renovations can be expensive but worth it as they are not building any more.
Real authentic house the best pick and super future high return

These would be our pick from thousands of replies to our survey.

Happy house hunting :)

Jain and Chris
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