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Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by venturer, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I am seriously considering purchasing a 3 bedroom villa located in the region of Bodrum Iasos. What are your thoughts on the development?

    I know it is on the pricey side (around £150k) but it is from a reputable developer and at the moment it looks like the best development around in terms of quality.

    The development will be completed in 2010. Do you think it will make a good investment (I know it will make a nice holiday home :) )

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    Buying off plan is always a good idea as the prices are much cheaper before the project is complete. I believe waiting more than two years for a development is a very long time. You have to check how many percent the property's price will increase in two years and whether you could have gotton a better return from a different property.
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    Bodrum Development

    I've been to the property site last week, it's coming along fine...

    and the sea is gorgeous...
  4. Iasos is developing region but far away from Bodrum City Center...In iasos it is not possible to rent for 12 months but in Bodrum area, it will be possible...

    You have to focus on sales price and estimation price after 4-5 years...because investing in iasos is a little bit speculation about property prices...

    My recommendation is invest to Bodrum City Center Projects, if you want to get detailed information pls send your e mail, I can help you...
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    I agree Investment Consultant. Buying a property in the peninsula is better idea for investment.
    Bodrum, Gumbet,Bitez, Yalikavak, Gundogan are the some good areas for investment.
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    but not all of Bodrum and its peninsular is 'open' for 12 months and there are HUNDREDS of rentals/resales on the Peninsular in particular.
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    I have a 2 bedroom Penthouse on Horizon Sky's development Phase 2 in Gulluk that will be ready in April 2010. Has anyone sold on this development? Would like some advice on how to sell it.
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