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Homes From Hell In Dubai - Thursday 01 July 9:00pm - 10:00pm ITV1 London

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Brendan R, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. bawany

    bawany New Member

    Dubai: Buy but not in the present climate- developers and government department are all corrupt- Developers should be arrested and sent to prison for cheating us and taking our life saving
  2. london1971

    london1971 New Member

    Why are you on here DoBuy?

    You say that the market for completed properties is still good, are you an agent selling property out there?

    Everyone else who is looking at and reading this blog feels cheated, but you keep saying its your own fault...

    Yes we have made mistakes, but only because we were lied to by all involved out there.

    Dubai is certainly not civilised, hypicritical yes to the extreme!!

    They act like they have morals, reality is they have none and they happily allow developers to continue selling with out any.

    I would not advise anyone to purchase in Dubai whether it be completed or not, and if there is anyone reading this and is considering purchasing dont do it!!!!
  3. Wannaberich

    Wannaberich New Member

    Almost all of the investors who have had problems had them with off-plan purchases.What are your reasons for advising against buying COMPLETED ?
  4. bawany

    bawany New Member

    Dubai- No

    I would also advise everyone not to invest in Dubai- Complete or off plan- The laws in Dubai are not favourable-
  5. london1971

    london1971 New Member

    I would advise everyone to stay away from Dubai, it is not a location to be trusted. I wouldnt be suprised if one day the Sheik just turned around and said that everyone has to pay a ridiculous tax on each of there properties.

    Dubai is not an area anyone should buy in. Wether its completed or not, your money will just not be safe, its a house of cards which teh recession has proved. Prices dropped faster there than anywhere else in the world.

    The rents are not as good as people are told they are going to be, the population is getting smaller every month and the hotels are the ones that take the holiday lets. These Hotel appartments are nearly impossible to rent out unless you go really cheap on your price, then you know what kind of people you will have staying there.

    Agents out there can not be trusted at all, there is no regulation. Agents will sell you something and it will probably be a far reality from what you actually get.

    And more to the point there are better places to put your money now. UK BTL would be a better investment and certainly a safer one at that.

    DoBuy: I noticed you didnt deny being an agent. I knew there must be a reason why you are talking so much rubbish on the forums. Trying to get poor unsuspecting people to buy out there.

    I think that everone on these forums that has bought a property out there, if they are honest will say it is a head ache and a huge expense and has no real investment return.

    If you have to move out there rent, the rents are dead cheap becuase there are so many completed properties that are just sitting empty!!

    That is why i wouldnt buy in Dubai wether it be completed or off plan.

    Why would you buy a completed property, in an uncivillised country DoBuy?
  6. amplesou

    amplesou Banned

    can not argue with this !dubai should hold its muslum head in shame !

    another 15 billion on planes jeeez?
    why don,t they pay there debts and the banks off first!
    in other words pay off what you owe first !
    again just becuase emerites airline made 1 billion profit ( it has liabilites of 32 billion debt )by the way
    shiek mo has another air head vision of the day!
    what of tomow for these poor investors !
    why don,t you have a vision for the here and now !
  7. PETE90

    PETE90 Member

    For anyone who missed this documentary, I was contacted by ITV the other day to be told this show is being repeated on Tuesday 19th October 2010 at 10.35pm ITV1. Apparently the show went down well first time round hence ITV re-screening it again.

    Happy viewing

  8. amplesou

    amplesou Banned

    and you where the star man !
  9. PETE90

    PETE90 Member

    Hi Amplesou

    Thanks for your compliments BUT I've never had the back bone to watch it so I could not comment on your comment. I'd have to be seriously intoxicated to do so or just hide behind the sofa. I'm only going on what others have told me and the feedback from the show has been quite positive hence ITV wanting to re-screen it........ That's one in the eye for those who say I only did it for my 5 minutes of fame!
  10. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer Hunter Gatherer ...

    Dont sweat it pete! We ( all of us in the group) support you in your efforts whatever they may be in this sorry situation!

    the fact is none of us in the Al Attar Action group really know each other. We all have been thrown together in this 'Group' to learn and work with each other to recoup our own small portion of what we have lost to those 'honorable' people in the UAE. And I say that as a fellow Muslim - any other muslims reading this will understand when i say that to behave in this way with your 'brothers and sister's' is beyond our faith.

    I wouldnt worry too much about that guy DoBuy... he seems to revel in other peoples misery. Some of us are luckier than other, we may be able to survive losing those sums of money... others, and I have had some emails from some of them in the group, they are just devastated..... I think you have to be less than human to then turn around and lay blame , or mock someone's situation, when you really dont know what it is.

    Pete, you and I are doing this for ourselves yes, but also to assist others because we can and want to, no-one is forcing us to, and we are not obliged to through any sense of responsibility - its a lesson in humanity (and humility!!) maybe some people could learn ....

    Anyway... Ive got some info to prepare to send you all.... As always if youre not in our group, please PM me or email Pete or myself for inclusion...



    ps. and i didnt even bite at the 'civilised' comment - Lifes too short to waste on debating with ignorance!
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010
  11. Brendan R

    Brendan R New Member

    start a movement "Boycott Dubai" with a website and media interventions, voice your concern, educate people on what Dubai really is, hit where it hurts: appearance.

    Dubai has invested so much in trying to look attractive that a negative PR campaign would be a major blow to the con they're trying to perpetuate
  12. PETE90

    PETE90 Member

    I'm currently devising an Action Group website against my developer and we'll umbrella all his undeveloped/non developed developments in this site so everyone can work together. The beauty of the Internet is it has a global audience unlike a TV documentary which will only get televised in one country alone, even its library of recent transmissions are only available in the country it transmits to.

    The problem is getting a good website designed, Website creation software like Adobe Dreamweaver is difficult to master and trying to master HTML programming is enough to scare anyone. If your going to make a good website that makes the ultimate impact you need to know how to create and create one better than that of your developer. I'm currently revising my HTML and Dreamweaver skills and am looking forward to the challenge of designing/creating this website and making it live. BUT getting a professional web designer on board will not be cheap bear in mind you have to also pay him/her to update the site every so often.
  13. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Guys Dubai is over.
    Constriction is finished
    Export to Iran is going to be shat anytime.
    Money laundering doesn’t exist anymore.
    What has left for Dubai – nothing – absolutely nothing
  14. 9009Ali

    9009Ali New Member

    Hi Pete,

    Any news / progress on the site?



  15. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer Hunter Gatherer ...

    hello all

    just got back from you know where!

    If youre in our group then please check your email, as my colleague / fellow investor should have sent you all something. Its not ground breaking or even tells you anything new - but i think we may just be ready to start living up to my name - IF ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE PREPARED TO JOIN IN.
    We have the beginnings of some idea / strategy / plan - it may not work, but its better than sitting on our backsides doing nothing.
    So if you are ready for a fight then get in touch through the usual email addresses - search the posts if you dont know it.
    thats all for now, but we will be back in touch soon!
    and chin - up all!
    ps. dont fall for the Mona Miri / Aboo Kahlid / Flash Properties line whatever you do!

    pps isnt it funny that first it was a Leila Miri that was offering swaps on behalf of AWA properties. Now it is a Mona Miri that is offering swaps through Flash properties owned by a very shady sounding 'Aboo Khalid'.

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