Holiday let property in Germany?

Discussion in 'German Property' started by bilko, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Holiday let?

    Hi Andrew

    Many thanks for all the info, it's been really useful reading. I'm thinking of buying in a relatively central, touristy area in Berlin, but have had second thoughts about getting German tennants (given the restrictions and all).

    Is making the apartment a 'holiday let' a viable alternative? I've not yet been able to identify any holiday let management companies. Could you suggest some so I could do further research? Many thanks for your help.

    P.S since posting, I have noticed my message hasn't appeared where expected - forgive my lack of forum/ internet know-how!! Anyway, if anyone could give me advice it would be gratefully received!
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    How you doing!I'm happy to meet you!
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    My area is very different from yours as I've been looking in Oberbayern, but this is something I'd be interested to know as well. My German isn't bad and yet despite exhaustive searches online, I've been unable to find any holiday letting agents who would provide a complete package. As far as I can tell, either the owners live locally and do everything themselves, or the owners of an entire block get together and form a consortium. In the latter case, the profits seem mostly to be shared, which means that even if your property doesn't attract many rentals, there'd still be an income. The downside however is that the owners always seem to be restricted to April and November when it comes to using the flat themselves.

    The thought of having to do my own advertising and then organise local cleaners and general maintenance when I'm not on the spot is too daunting for me and yet I can't find an acceptable alternative.
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    Try googling "Hausverwaltung" in your respective areas and contact those companies about what you had in mind.
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    Google "wohnung auf zeit berlin" or "wohnung auf zeit möbliert berlin" for agencies who deal with non long-term (short-term, holiday, etc) rentals.

    There are a couple that I know of in Dusseldorf. I imagine there must be some in Berlin too. Some of them might offer basic management services. Basic (in my experience) generally being the operative word.

    To escape most of the local restrictions your property would need to be rented furnished.

    and I should add DYOR and Caveat Emptor as the above is all subject to change.

    Also, based on my experience, I would not issue open ended contracts to tenants under ANY circumstances. Max 6 months (or so) with a manual extension if reqd. Also take circa 2 months as a deposit.

    Also consider expats/commuters (not just tourists).. Most just want a quiet life, want to avoid scandal and if they fall on hard times tend to go home. They are unlikely to become sitting tenants.


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