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Holiday Home & Investment.

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by CookieJar, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. CookieJar

    CookieJar New Member

    Having looked through so many websites and gone through information overload, I would love to have some advice from people in the know.

    Both myself and my sister love Turkey and both have young familes. We were looking to purchase a holiday home which we would share between us and rent out the rest of the time if we choose to hence the investment side.

    We are looking for at least a nice sized 2 bed (3 bed not a problem) with access to a nice town and beach, as we both have young children then it would be nice if adequate facilities were close by such as a water park. It would be nice if the town was cultural and had markets etc. We are from reading various articles looking close to Antalya / Alanya. Oh and if the property had an infinity pool then that would be the icing in the cake !

    Anyway if you are aware of any developments or properties that would be worth considering then I would more than apprecaite your input.
  2. CookieJar

    CookieJar New Member

    Thanks but we plan on sticking to Turkey.
  3. Lysos

    Lysos New Member


    Think about this very carefully. It is a common mistake to think you can enjoy holidays and make money from rentals. You & your sister both have young families so I suspect you would be looking to holiday in the property during school holidays - precisely the best time to get rentals !. The season in Turkey generally runs from @ Easter (depending when it falls) to mid/late October. Outside of this period you are unlikely to see many tourists. Plus there is a vast over supply of properties available to rent, and for resale. The situation is not helped by the high cost of air travel, which will definitely impact on the "bucket & spade" family holiday market. If all you want is sea, sand & sunshine and your budget is tight (isn't everyone's in the current market ?) why go to Turkey when for less than half the price you can fly/drive/train to Spain & Portugal for example ?.

    I love Turkey but buying a place there would not make economic sense. I'm a fan of Dalyan (go every year) but have seen new build properties sitting unsold for several years, and gradually deteriorating.

    My advice is to rent a holiday property when you want to, but invest in something else closer to home.
  4. CookieJar

    CookieJar New Member

    Thanks Lycos, interesting points. I am not keen on Spain but wouldn't portugal property prices be so much more than turkey ?
  5. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Yes, CJ, prices in Portugal are higher, but you get what you pay for. Just because something seems comparatively cheap to us does not mean it represents good value. My partner has a villa in the Eastern Algarve @ 10 miles from the Spanish border. Great area for old fashioned family beach holidays; miles & miles of pristine beach, no high rises (apart from the carbuncle of Monte Gordo) no discos, theme pubs, karaoke bars etc, but lots of reasonably priced good restaurants, all less than an hour from Faro airport; great daily food market in historical Tavira (very picturesque town). We've had 18 weeks of lettings this year (we use it inbetween thanks to Easyjet !) and interestingly have had a number of Portuguese families from Lisbon; one group has been three times !. This rather illustrates my point - they wanted a sunshine beach holiday, but are counting the euros, so why fly somewhere when they can drive down at their own pace in a few hours. To be fair we are talking detached villa on a large plot with a pool, but a two bed apartment near to Tavira could prove worthwhile. Just my thoughts.
  6. Lee Hill

    Lee Hill New Member

    Check out 'Love Turkish Property' they may be able to help provide some advice and have UK wide agents athat are happy to visit your home, visit their site and send them an email they may be able to help.
  7. kusadasisun

    kusadasisun New Member

    I recommend Kusadasi Golf Resort

    You may want to check Kusadasi International Golf Resort freehold residential properties which has rental potential for most of the year as golfers prefer to play in the mediterranean during winter months. Kusadasi weather is much better quality than extremely humid and hot Alanya (you need to live there to understand what I mean). The golf resort is a five star complex with water park, indoor and outdoor pools, spa, gym, sports complex, cinema, shops etc. Actually it will be a small town with over 2000 properties with exclusive neighbours. Kusadasi is a proper town with over 60000 winter population, cost of living is low, food is good quality, Kusadasi has several attractions like biggest waterpark of Europe, skydiving, watersports, marina, nightlife, world heritage Ephesus, mother Mary's house, and several others and Kusadasi Golf resort is only an hour drive from the major city of Izmir with 4 million population, or 1,5 hrs from Bodrum if you fancy a crazy night out once a while. Kusadasi sandy beaches (long beach, 12 mile beach) is rare. Sunset views is rare. The resort is by the national park mountains. Hotels with thermal spring waters is only 15 minutes away. On the Kusadasi International Golf Resort website, there are several photos of Kusadasi and detailed information about the Kusadasi golf resort, 18 hole golf course, rental services of the resort which will rent and take care of your property when you're not using it throughout the year. Prices are higher than ordinary summer houses with a communal swimming pool, but I believe the five star golf resort and rental income potential justifies the difference. It still much cheaper than what you will pay for an ordinary property in saturated property markets of Europe. For example the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment in off-the-plan Halcyon Hills resort in Samos island ( Kusadasi Golf Resort has Aegean views over Samos BTW) is 115000 Pounds. For the same price you can buy two 1br apartments or a 3bedroom apartment in Kusadasi Golf Resort which can be rented out several months.

    For capital appreciation you need to buy when it is cheap.

    Good luck with your purchase. Choosing overseas property is much more difficult than buying your main residence...
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  8. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Admin ..Can we please not have two members sharing the same forum membership details, it can get confusing who members are replying to .

    There are either Wayne or Cagla. .?
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