HMO or not to HMO...



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Hi All,

I would really appreciate some advice please

I am quite new to the property investment world, so please excuse any questions that may come across as naïve.

I have been reading up on the changes for permitted development rights. From what I understand, the new PD rights allow you to convert commercial buildings (from the new usage class E) into residential dwellings.

My question is, can you convert a commercial building previously used as a nursery/creche into a HMO?

A family member purchased this nursery several years ago, it has been vacant for a couple of years and he was looking to sell. I saw this as an opportunity to buy the property from him and convert it to residential to increase the rental income. The property is based in the town center across the road from the university so it would make a great student HMO. However, I am not able to gauge from my research whether the PD rights would allow the conversion to a HMO and if not, would I be able to convert the upstairs space into a separate flats and keep the downstairs area as commercial.

Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated!