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Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by JMBroad, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Not property - I let the others do publicity on here... But living out here I feel like we have an obligation to share some of the little hidden things about Brazil that people probably wouldn't find on their first or second trip or even without some help. The little things about Brazil which can help you enjoy it that little bit more.

    1) Açaí com Guaraná

    Ok so I was hard at work and forgot about lunch. Doesn't help that due to my upbringing I'm not really a lunch person. Add that to having lived in Portugal/Spain for around 30 years and you get someone who might feel like having a snack around 3 in the afternoon. So at 5pm, the "go-to" man at the office reminded me I hadn't been out to lunch but "not to worry - we'll fix that".

    A couple of minutes later he handed me an purplish (blueberry colour) ice-cream with slices of Banana and muesli with a wink and a "we'll start you with a small one". Tasted great so we happily munched away and once the plate was clean we headed back to work.

    Shortly afterwards, without getting that bloated "i've-eaten-far-too-much-feeling" I felt like I'd had a full Sunday roast and a 24 litre caffeine IV drip... While I was running around back and forth in front of the office, the "go-to" man shouted at me that they had sprinkled Guaraná powder on the Açaí and that was what was giving me all the energy. Eventually I calmed down enough to come back inside.

    Needless to say, I became a fan. But the other alleged characteristics of both Açaí and Guaraná made me wonder... what is it with Brazilian fruit? Whenever I ask anyone about a new fruit, they tell me where it grows and what it looks like, how you eat it and.... "of course..." they say... "it is an aphrodisiac..." 99% of the fruit here are allegedly aphrodisiacs!?
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    Hi again,
    Sounds like you're having fun and settling in very well! I had one of those 'acai com banana' when I was in Natal and yes, it's just delicious and restorative. I had the small one too as the large was 1 kilo!! How fast would that make us run,eh?? Even though I've been here quite a few times before I'm still trying new fruits that I never even seen before let alone tasted. These are hidden gems indeed.
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    Talking of Hidden Brazilian Gems - anyone heard from Dotty recently? Sorry..!
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    Hi there, try Açai and banana. It is very famous in the south of Brazil.
  5. JMBroad

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    Oh I have - I've done numerous variations - Açai with Banana, Strawberry, Guaraná, Mamao, Coconut, etc

    However since my recent discovery of this little fruit vendor near my house I've been more of a juice addict. Am experimenting with different combos and have found some pretty good ones so far - try acerola with apple and crushed ice - the apples have to be sweet ones though to offset the acerola!
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    Some of the islands off Paratxi are stunning - some friends of mine bought a property 15 yrs ago, we spent new years there and have to say that was one of the most stunning locations I've ever been to. Apparently prices are still reasonable
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    problem is IBAMA to receive permission to build things on these Islands...

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