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Hey I`m new

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by bulgarianland, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. bulgarianland

    bulgarianland New Member

    Hello My name is Velizara and I`m new here.
    I`m from Bulgaria and I`m involved in Real Estate.
    Hope to find good friends here.
  2. luludam

    luludam New Member

    wanna be friend

    Hi my name is Layla.
    how long you are in Real Estate and which compony?
    myself working with developer - Damac properties for sure you know this compony. ;-)
  3. bulgarianland

    bulgarianland New Member

    Sorry but I don`t know the company but I want to know it :)
    I work 1 year - the name is ***** ***** ******* :)
    Nice to meet you here
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  4. flatron

    flatron Member

    Velizara, how are you? Where in Bulgaria is your office...
  5. flatron

    flatron Member

    Where is your office, Velizara?
  6. runchev

    runchev New Member

    Hi Layla,

    I have not heard about this developer.
    Any info?
  7. vthills

    vthills New Member

    I Don't know this company either. Some more info?

    Bulgarian Properties Sale
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