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Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by jaygo9, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. jaygo9

    jaygo9 New Member

    Hi everyone hope all is ok i need help quick i am in the process of buying a 1 bed apt in bulgarias bansko and have paid about £14000 of £50000 including soliceters and to get it fully furnished it is in the royal park bansko ski resort and spa and is due to be finished sept 08 but i need to sell it now as my wife has seen a house up for sale that she would like to move into where we live and i cant afford both and i am willing to talk to anyone asap to get rid of it any suggestions appreciated thanks awe the best james :confused::confused::confused:
  2. Lysos

    Lysos New Member

    Oh dear......
  3. vthills

    vthills New Member

    hard, hard...
    Anyway, good luck, pal
  4. jaygo9

    jaygo9 New Member


    i asked for help not what you have said
    anyway looks like its £14000 down the drain as i am gonna have to pull out of this and lose the lot :mad:
  5. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi James

    There is a similar thread to this one running at the moment. Sorry to hear about your plight.

    The main thing first is to get an independent lawyer to check your contract to see if there is any way you can pull out - very unlikely, I'm afraid.

    If you need to resell, then try contacting the agent/developer and explaining your situation and see if they can help you. It has been done before and you might find them more helpful than you think.

    Best wishes
  6. jaygo9

    jaygo9 New Member

    can pull out

    hi there again i can pull out so the contract says anyway but i will lose my £14000 which is a shame

    i heard that if they change the completion date 3 times you can pull out with a full refund does anyone know if this is correct and also in my contract it says if after 180 days it is still not finished on the original completion date i can pull the plug with a full refund please let me know asap as i am expecting an update tommorrow on the apt thanks

    awe the best james:eek::eek:
  7. Jain and Chris

    Jain and Chris Senior Member

    Hi James

    Without seeing your contract with the developer / agent nobody can say. I think your best bet is to run it by an independent lawyer and get proper professional advice. There are no general rules about changing completion dates, etc... everything will be set out in your prelim contract. Get some professional help.

    All the best
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