Help with Investing in Spain/Europe



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I am new to this forum, apologies if this topic has already been covered.

We are looking to invest in Spain. We already have a property there which will be our retirement home but want to buy another as a Buy To Let to help sustain us.

I would be grateful for any advice as to which city would be a good place to buy. I'm not a property expert by any stretch of the imagination! so any help would be appreciated. We have approximately 200,000 Euros in cash and could take a mortgage.

I am seeing a lot of information for other countries in Europe (which also confuses me!) so again, any advice would be helpful.

Thank you so much in advance!


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I believe house prices are picking up quicker inland so there might be better value in the short to medium term looking at bombed out coastal property markets. These are markets recently vacated by many UK expats so there may be some decent value there.


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you must contact to local real estate who can advice better.


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I've been watching the markets and the prices rising a bit in the cities. We bought a house by the coast in North west Spain where my family are originally from and did get a good deal. Since we are retiring there we would prefer to buy and manage in the same country or a country closeby.

I am looking for advice from people on a forum who have bought or looking to buy in cities in the whole of Spain who may have been watching the market move longer than I have. Speaking to local real estate agents I don't think is going to work since I can't imagine them saying 'don't buy here' or 'buy in another city'.

Thanks for the advice.