Help please - buying a house!



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Hi I’m James,

I’m looking to purchase a property in north London for my mother who hasn’t had a knee replacement and can’t walk for long periods, so ideally in a town location.

I am considering willow road in Enfield town at the moment, would anyone recommend this area? Postcode is EN1.

It will be a long term investment house so I would help if you guys could tell me where YOU would buy if you had the option to.

Avi Vaknin

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Before a buy, You have to know about some facts like: Resale value, Benefits, Facilities, Rental home investment, etc. No doubt if property fulfills these things you can buy it.


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If your mother requires assistance on a daily basis then you may need to check out the local services available through both the council and private companies. There seems to be a lot to take into consideration for your situation.