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Help needed - Morrocan property investment :(

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by wakkaday, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. wakkaday

    wakkaday New Member

    Hi guys

    im new to this forum and hope i can some help.
    i made an investment for an off-plan property in Morroco. Signed all the contracts and made a 30 percent deposit. the property is still not completed yet, although in the contract (which is in french) stated it the date Decemeber 2007.

    now call me foolish, i should have got the contract properly checked before i signed it as i don't understand/read French. I have made a request for refund of the deposit with the agents i bought it off, they promised i would recieve the refund within 2 weeks, but this has been the case since my initial request over 6 months ago...

    i wanted to know what my rights are? can anyone look over my contract? (i can write out the key paragraph which states the date)
    i dont wan't too foot massive legal bills i just want my money returned.

    if anyone can help or give me advice, it would be appreciated.
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