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Hi all,
We are a property management and concierge service company opening soon in Saidia to help you with all management and services purpose.
From March 24th to April 24th we are offering to accompany individuals who are visiting their property in Saidia-Mediterrania for free during 4 hours. (Could be transportation from the airport to Saidia or the reverse for free, many other services like visiting the area for free).
We can help you with paper work, water & electricity, plumbing, furniture and furnishings selection in the area with locals, Gardening, cleaning issues and all your other requests for a fraction of price comparing to other companies.
We offer a professional quality services, speaking French, English, Arabic and basic Spanish.
For more information or a call back, please don't hesitate to send a PM with your contacts. (Reply in the same day).
FK-DEV staff.

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I have a two bedroom apartment in AP6 - it is completed and about to be furnished soon. I may be well interested in your services - do you have a website that describes the services you offer/prices etc? What is the situation in AP 6 and SAidia as a whole at the moment? I heard about issues with electricity, water supply etc? Is that sorted now?

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