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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Muppet, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Hi I am new here and would be most grateful for any advice that anyone has to offer. I am in the process of buying an apartment in Hurghada. It's at Paradise Hill does anyone know it ? I'd like any general advice please and in particular advice on furniture packs and how easy it would be to go there and do my own shopping for furniture and all the other bits and bobs. Feel free to tell me anything else that you think I need to know!
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    Hi Muppet and welcome to the forum. When you've read this I'll transfer your post to the introductions thread and this one too so you can follow the links to some of the information that you need.

    We made this thread so that new members could easily find their way to many useful threads; http://www.totallyproperty.com/egypt-property/7507-quick-links-new-members.html. Have a read through - you'll find a link to a great thread on furniture.

    We do have a thread on Paradise Hills too: http://www.totallyproperty.com/egypt-property/5878-paradise-hll-resort.html, though nobody has posted on it for a while. If you made a post on it , it would bump the whole thread to the front page and you might get more response.

    If you need any help please feel free to ask any of the moderators and of course any questions you have will be answered by someone on the forum - of that I'm sure.:D

    Look forward to hearing lots more from you
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    Not far from me


    You are just around the corner from my development - I'm down near the main road opposite the Arabia Beach Hotel.

    We do furniture packs. Have you asked the developers at your own development.

    I would think that you would need a "guide" to do it yourself, but it is possible - depends how personal you need it all to be I think.

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